Server 2019.3 Release Notes

Last modified: November 20, 2019

New Features

  • Users can set a profile time zone and set schedules to run using a specific time zone. Users need to confirm run time on existing schedules.
  • Gallery matches the new platform user interface appearance.
  • Embedded mongo migrated to 4.0. If upgrading from pre-2018.1, you will need to upgrade to a version between 2018.1-2019.2 before upgrading to 2019.3.
  • Can see all created data connections (raised from the limit of 100).
  • Collection owner can be now be changed.

Known and Fixed Issues

Release Date: October 17, 2019

Version: 2019.3.5.17947



Issue Status

DE21277 Admin schedule endpoint is broken. Fixed
DE20830 Mongo connection attempts failing. Fixed
US55663 API documentation link failing. Fixed
US42251 Gallery schedules sometimes become disabled. Fixed
US55806 Updating and saving changes to a user's profile causes access to Data Connections shared with that user to be lost. Fixed

Known and Fixed Issues

Release Date: September 3, 2019

Version: 2019.3.2.15763

ID Description Issue Status
DE15499 ADMIN > Permissions > Permission Type isn't updating. Fixed
DE17401 Permissions page on Gallery not paginating Fixed
DE18954 Diagnostic Dashboard in Admin Gallery is cutting off parts of the floating window on the date/time information on the CPU and Memory Graphs. Fixed
DE19100 Internet Explorer cosmetic issues with borders of Asset/User Management headers - Users/Private Studios Fixed
DE19102 When creating a new user, credentials saved to the browser in Firefox load into the Subscription ID and Password fields. Fixed
DE19704 Downloading CSV from .yxdb output in Server cannot render Japanese letters. Known
DE19461 ADMIN > Collections > Created on date is hidden when changing owner on IE/Edge. Fixed
DE19750 Job Priority is processed in the wrong order. Fixed
DE19799 Opening a workflow in Designer from the Version History window is broken. Fixed
DE19694 Enable Schedule pop-up bug Known
DE19860 API docs incorrectly identifies Priority field as string instead of integer. Known
DE19864 Banned Ads on Internal Gallery Known
DE19952 Gallery workflow results not loading for large data workflows Known
DE20095 Designer - Long names don't appear for workflows on Gallery. Known
DE20520 ADMIN > Subscriptions > Expiration Date is defaulting to the wrong format. Known
DE21070 When saving a workflow to Gallery from Designer for BetaGallery, Worker tag displays. This is a private server function only and should not be displaying. Known
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