Server 2020.1 Release Notes

Last modified: January 25, 2021
Release Note Product Versions
Version Date Release End of Support
2020.1.1.23790 March 5, 2020 Major September 5, 2021
2020.1.2.24185* March 13, 2020 Minor September 13, 2021
2020.1.5.25447 April 13, 2020 Minor October 13, 2021
2020.1.6.26414 April 28, 2020 Minor October 28, 2021
*No items in this release      

New Features

Improved User Role Management

  • All user roles are now set on the User page rather than within subscriptions. Roles can now be managed in bulk. See Administer Users for more info.
    • Subscription functionality has been simplified as we move towards Collections as the primary tool for asset management. See Subscriptions for more info.
  • Curator and Member are now roles that can be selected in the Role dropdown on the user grid within the Admin interface. See Administer Users for more info.
  • A default user role can now be specified for galleries using any authentication method. See Administer Users for more info.
  • The role value No Access can now be selected in Galleries using any authentication method. Use the No Access role to control initial access to the gallery when new users sign up using Integrated Windows or SAML Authentication. See Administer Users for more info.
  • User management for Integrated Windows Authentication has been improved. 
    • We have removed the Permissions tab from the Admin interface for Galleries using Integrated Windows Authentication. 
    • Group management is now a tab on the User page. See Administer Users for more info.

MongoDB Connection Strings

There is a new option in System Settings > Controller > Persistence that allows for the specification of a MongoDB connection string for your persistence database. Use connection strings if you require support for TLS/SSL, replica sets, sharding, or MongoDB Atlas. if you were previously using replica sets or sharding you have to change to a connection string. See Controller and Gallery to learn more. 

Create Collections Permission on New User Setup

The Create Collections permission can be set when creating a new user. See Administer Users to learn more.

Install Configuration File Path Changes

Two install configuration file paths have moved to improve organization and system consistency.

  • Configuration files have a new location.
    • Original: C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\config
    • 2020.1: C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\server\config
  • The webroot has also changed.
    • Original: C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\gallery
    • 2020.1: C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\server

OAuth Security Enhancement

We added a security enhancement for customers who want to enforce that OAuth parameters are sent as headers rather than query parameters. To do so, set disableOAuthQueryParams=true in your alteryx.config file found here: Program Files\Alteryx\bin\server\config\alteryx.config. After restarting the service, the API  rejects any client calls where OAuth parameters are sent as query parameters and instead expects them as headers.


Additional Enhancements

  • We continued to make improvements to the user interface, including the gallery log in and sign-up pages.
  • Updated JQuery to 1.9.1.

Fixed and Known Issues


Major Release Version 2020.1.1.23790

ID Description Version Issue Status
DE9610 The color options under Admin > Themes now display properly in Internet Explorer. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE18070 Multi-byte UTF characters now display properly when use in file names or results output files.  2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE18462 Issue with District icons collection in AlteryxGallery MongoDB growing unexpectedly has been fixed. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE18733 Workflow runs now complete as expected when the host server has regional settings that use a comma as the decimal separator and an empty grouping symbol. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE19860 Gallery API documentation has been updated to properly identify priority as a field that accepts either a string or an integer.  2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22180 Next run date is no longer updating when editing a schedule.  2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22500 Gallery API is now recognizing Oauth parameters when passed as a header value. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22504 Districts are no longer disappearing when toggled on or off. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22507 Optional workflow run name is being properly maintained when run. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22664 Message in green bar is now present when a District is turned on or off. 2020.1.1.23790 Fixed
DE22678 Email groups on the Notifications page now require a title.  2020.1.1.23790 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2020.1.5.25447

DE23769 Workflow Results Completed column does not populate in Server 2020.1.5.25447 Fixed
DE23913 MongoDB schema migration fails in some environments configured to use Windows Authentication. This issue occurs if an existing user in Server is no longer present in Active Directory. 2020.1.5.25447 Fixed
DE23994 Admin API insights endpoint returns a 500 error 2020.1.5.25447 Fixed
DE23997 Admin v2 API Swagger documentation not working properly 2020.1.5.25447 Fixed
DE24093 Completion date is incorrect 2020.1.5.25447 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2020.1.6.26414


Database migration defect that blocks users from WinAuth access.

2020.1.6.26414 Fixed


ID Description Version Issue Status
DE23504 Miscellaneous help links are incorrect. 2020.1.1.23790 Known
DE23565 If an AD account is added to Server that has NULL or empty values for given and surname you when selecting a user to view their profile the page will display a loading message indefinitely.   2020.1.1.23790 Known
DE23826 The sharing drop-down on the workflow page doesn't include the option to share to a collection unless the user is a Curator. Sharing directly from the collection page works as intended and can be used as a workaround. 2020.1.1.23790 Known
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