Server 2020.3 Release Notes

Last modified: July 20, 2022
Release Note Product Versions
Version Date Release End of Support
2020.3.4.30228 September 1, 2020 Major March 1, 2022
2020.3.5.30242* September 29, 2020 Minor March 29, 2022
2020.3.7.30263 October 27, 2020 Minor April 27, 2022
2020.3.8.30287* February 1, 2021 Minor August 1, 2022
2020.3.9.30296 March 8, 2021 Minor September 8, 2022
2020.3.10.30347 July 5, 2022 Minor September 8, 2022
*No items in this release.      

New Features

Full Support for AMP Engine

Server now has full support for the new Alteryx Multithreaded Processing (AMP) Engine. The AMP engine supports multithreading and multicore processing. This results in increased speed of workflow execution. Learn more about AMP in the AMP Engine documentation. For more info on enabling the AMP engine see the Controller and Engine articles.

Custom User Groups

Curators can now create custom groups of users. This supports the long-term plan to remove subscriptions in favor of collections, see the Collections documentation for more information on this plan and steps to migrate your subscriptions to collections. In coming releases, collections users will be able to share collections with custom groups. See the User and Group Management documentation to learn how to create custom groups. 

Ability to Run Workflows with File Browse Tool via the API

API users can now upload an input file via the API to get a reference ID that they can then call as part of the question/answer parameter in the POST call to the /jobs endpoint. See the Inputfiles Endpoint documentation to learn more.

Disable Direct Downloads

Server admins can disable downloads from the Gallery by setting a flag on the Configuration page. Pair this asset governance measure with Lock Workflow in Designer to exercise control over your workflow assets. See the Configuration documentation to learn more. 

Collections User Experience

We continued to make improvements to the user interface. In this release, the collections interface got a user-experience upgrade which includes standardized add, search, sort, filter, edit, and remove features. See Collections: Admin Interface and Collection: User Interface to learn more. 

Fixed and Known Issues


Major Release Version 2020.3.4.30228

ID Description Version Issue Status
DE16310 Uploading a new revision of a workflow no longer resets workflow settings. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE17114 Corrected the Queue Entry Priority Change Error that occurred when the schedule priority was changed from within Designer. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE21215 Server no longer allows saving a workflow with a name containing only whitespace characters. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE21568 Mitigated a potential vulnerability utilizing a reflected XSS (Cross Site Scripting) vector 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE21843 Corrected an issue preventing the ability to update credentials when receiving the message "The credential settings for this workflow must be updated before saving" while publishing a workflow. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE25545 Miscellaneous corrections to various font displays. Includes updates to properly utilize Lato instead of Arial, and corrections to font colors, sizing, header usage, etc. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE25559 Schedules tab in collections was missing filter options. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE25584 Workflows tab in collections was missing filter options. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE25651 Corrected inconsistent search functionality of workflows inside of collections. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE25807 Pages were not displaying properly in IE11. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE25997 Search and bulk edit were not responding as expected in IE11. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE25999 Expiration Date for collections no longer accepts past dates. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE26000 Paging tools for tables in collections were not rendering properly in IE11. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE26001 Tab select highlight in Admin > Users no longer renders incorrectly after some page loads. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE26019 Improved search speed when searching for users while administering collections. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE26033 Corrected a caching issue when working with collections. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE26159 Users are no longer able to update a subscription ID with an invalid value. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE26278 Corrected some IE11 caching issues. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed
DE26395 Corrected an issue preventing scheduling of YXZP packages when using Designer scheduling dialogs. 2020.3.4.30228 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2020.3.7.30263

DE27125 Collection users can now add other users to collection in Galleries using SAML authentication 2020.3.7.30263 Fixed
DE27220 Server now uses JQuery 1.9.1 as expected.  2020.3.7.30263 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2020.3.9.30296

DE28641 Deleted Active Directory users caused Gallery shared schedule views and schedule verification to fail. 2020.3.9.30296 Fixed


ID Description Version Issue Status
DE25081 Delete/Remove icons are not rendered at the correct size in IE11. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE25091 Error message might display when replacing an AMP workflow with one that uses Original Engine. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE25140 Workflow results might have readability issues with some lower resolutions or when display scaling is enabled. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE25187 Monthly schedule does not run in IE11 if there is an end date selected. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE25261 Model Schema for the /user/v2/workflows/{appID}/jobs endpoint is not copiable in IE11. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE25998 Adding a Curator to a collection in winAuth doesn't properly set admin permissions.   2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE26405 Updating count for Rows per Page in Admin > Users doesn't refresh the table. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE26735 A limited number of schedules are displayed in Collections > Schedules drop-down menu. If more than 20 are listed, users can't view them to select the desired one.   2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE26841 Workflow with URL reserved characters in the name might not link back to the workflow details page properly within collections. 2020.3.4.30228 Known
DE27125 Unable to add users to collections in environments configured with SAML authentication. 2020.3.4.30228 Known

Security Updates


Minor Release Version 2020.3.10.30347

ID Description Version Issue Status
AMP Engine may log sensitive information when processing workflows that contain Gallery Connections.  2020.3.10.30347 Fixed
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