Server 2020.4 Release Notes

Last modified: July 20, 2022
Release Note Product Versions
Version Date Release End of Support
2020.4.5.12471 November 18, 2020 Major May 18, 2022
2020.4.6.36807 May 26, 2021 Minor May 18, 2022
2020.4.7.07392 February 15, 2022 Minor May 18, 2022
2020.4.8.06491 June 23, 2022 Minor May 18, 2022

New Features

To address security vulnerabilities in Python version 3.6, embedded Python has been upgraded from 3.6.8 in the 20.3 release to 3.8.5 in the 20.4 release. Custom tools and connectors (YXI files) developed by Alteryx, partners, or any 3rd party that don't ship with the Alteryx installer might need to be reinstalled. This impacts custom tools installed on Designer, Server, and Alteryx Analytics Hub.

Installation Experience Update

The current installation experience is now quicker due to the use of a new methodology. If you install this version and then decide to go back to a prior version (for example, you install version 2020.4 and then decide to go back to version 2020.3), you have to uninstall this version through your operating system (OS) and then install the older version.

Share Credentials with User Groups

You can now share credentials with a custom user group. The addition of this functionality further enhances the use of user groups and collections as an alternative to subscriptions. Visit Share Credentials with Users and Groups to learn more.

Add User Groups to Collections

You can now add user groups to collections. The addition of this functionality further enhances the use of user groups and collections as an alternative to subscriptions. Visit Manage a Collection's Users and Groups to learn more.

Credentials User Experience

We continued to make improvements to the user interface. In this release, the credentials interface got a user-experience upgrade. The upgrade includes standardized add, search, sort, filter, edit, and remove features. 

New API Schedule Forecaster Endpoint

We added a new admin API endpoint to allow the retrieval of the schedule owner and the estimated run time. This supports decisions about when and where (on which worker) to schedule a workflow. Visit the Gallery API Overview to learn how to access the Gallery API reference documentation.

Improvement to Oauth in Interactive Gallery API Documentation

We updated the interactive Gallery API reference documentation to send Oauth parameters as headers instead of query parameters. Visit the Gallery API Overview to learn how to access the Gallery API reference documentation.


Fixed and Known Issues


Major Release Version 2020.4.5.12471

ID Description Version Issue Status
DE24253 Re-run in workflows button now reflects theme settings.  2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE25081 We fixed an issue with small delete icons in IE11.  2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE25187 We fixed an issue with monthly schedules with an end date not running when scheduled in IE11. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE26405 Changing Rows per page on the Admin > Users page now refreshes the table as expected. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE26735 We fixed an issue with the collections schedule drop-down only displaying 20 items. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE26826 Tables in collections pages were unexpectedly allowing users to reorder the columns. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE26841 We fixed an issue with links to workflows in collections that use URL reserved characters in the name. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE27001 Admin > Users page in Windows Authentication Galleries now loads in a reasonable amount of time. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE27087 Changing Rows per page on the Collections > Users page refreshes the table as expected. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE27100 API keys are now only changed when toggling the API Access permission from Off to On. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE27125 Collection users can now add other users to a collection in Galleries using SAML authentication. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE27308 Admin page now loads in Firefox for built-in and SAML Galleries. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE27309 Admin > Users > Sort now sorts by role when selected. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed
DE27621 Server now uses JQuery 1.9.1 as expected. 2020.4.5.12471 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2020.4.6.36807

DE28641 Deleted Active Directory users caused Gallery shared schedule views and schedule verification to fail. 2020.4.6.36807 Fixed
DE29912 Subscription Assigned Worker tags were not applied to workflows when published from Designer if the user did not have the “Assign Jobs” permission. Therefore, workflows (manual and scheduled runs) were run with an “Unassigned” worker tag. 2020.4.6.36807 Fixed


ID Description Version Issue Status
DE26706 Unable to navigate to Insights in Admin > Collections. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE26984 If you select a timezone with a negative offset from your default timezone, when scheduling jobs in Server, you might receive this error: "The schedule will never run with the selected start date. Select a different start date" 2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE27029 Selecting the Enter key in text boxes in System Settings opens the folder browser.  2020.4.5.12471 Known

Selecting the Enter key when focused on the Max number of render workers on the System Settings > Worker > Mapping Configuration screen closes the window. All changes are lost. 

2020.4.5.12471 Known
DE27486 An incorrect error message might display when deleting insights. This error can be ignored and the insight will be deleted as expected. 2020.4.5.12471 Known
US69676 Help text in system settings for AMP support should recommend enabling the AMP engine on your controller after testing. AMP has shown to be stable and superior in performance. 2020.4.5.12471 Known

Security Updates 


Minor Release Version 2020.4.8.06491

ID Description Version Issue Status
AMP Engine may log sensitive information when processing workflows that contain Gallery Connections.  2020.4.8.06491 Fixed
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