Server 2021.1 Release Notes

Last modified: July 20, 2022
Release Note Product Versions
Version Date Release End of Support
2021.1.2.20534 February 10, 2021 Major August 10, 2022
2021.1.3.22649 February 25, 2021 Minor August 10, 2022
2021.1.4.26400 March 25, 2021 Minor August 10, 2022
2021.1.5.42625 July 8, 2021 Minor August 10, 2022
2021.1.6.53528 September 7, 2021 Minor August 10, 2022
2021.1.7.08014 May 24, 2022 Minor August 10, 2022

New Features

Schedule Forecast: Identify Upcoming Scheduling Bottlenecks

The schedule forecast offers the ability to see all schedules in a forward-looking calendar view. The schedule forecast uses a heatmap that Gallery admins can use to identify upcoming bottlenecks of scheduled workflows. After identifying a bottleneck in the schedule forecast, Gallery admins can take a one-off approach for avoiding bottlenecks by moving jobs to other time slots. Over time, a Gallery admin might also choose to spin up a new worker to increase the Server throughput capacity and reduce the frequency of scheduling bottlenecks. The schedule forecast is available to Curator (Gallery admins). We will consider making the schedule forecaster available to Gallery users in future releases. Learn more in the Schedule Forecast help page.

Licensing Update for Versions 11.7 and Previous

You can't upgrade directly from version 11.7 or older to version 2021.1. If you are using Server version 11.7 or previous and want to upgrade to 2021.1, you have to first upgrade to version 2020.4 or previous. Then you can upgrade to 2021.1.


Fixed and Known Issues


Major Release Version 2021.1.2.20534

ID Description Version Issue Status
DE26711 Corrected 2 memory leaks in AlteryxService.exe that could occur in certain high-volume environments. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE27650 When deleting media files or workflows, the page now refreshes as expected to show these items have been removed. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE27801 Fixed an issue that prevented users without the Curator role from loading collections shared with them via a Custom Group when using Windows Authentication. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed
DE28463 Sharing a collection with a user via multiple user groups no longer breaks the collection page. 2021.1.2.20534 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.1.3.22649

DE28677 Workflows and schedules utilizing Server data connections no longer get stuck in queue in an initializing state. 2021.1.3.22649 Fixed
DE28704 Workflows that use Server data connections will now run when queued via the API.  2021.1.3.22649 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.1.4.26400

DE28641 Deleted Active Directory users caused Gallery shared schedule views and schedule verification to fail. 2021.1.4.26400 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.1.5.42625

DE28819 Unable to update Gallery credential password. 2021.1.5.42625 Fixed


ID Description Version Issue Status
DE27546 The schedule as (run as) field automatically defaults to the first run-as account available to the user when editing an existing schedule. If you select a different run-as account and save the changes this defaults back to the existing account. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE27602 When viewing schedules the Occurrence field time is using server time zone instead of the selected time zone. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE27636 Gallery: API documentation Try it out! button grayed out 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE27806 When migrating schedules from Designer to Gallery a false-positive error message might occur. Even though the error occurs, the schedule is still migrated successfully. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE27812 When renaming a collection, if you select the backspace button on the Rename button to delete the whole name, the Rename Collection pop-up disappears and the Rename button is no longer selectable until you refresh the page. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE27827 If a user removes themselves from the collection instead of using the steps to relinquish access. the collections page displays a spinning icon but no error message. If the user refreshes the page or goes out and back in, they no longer see the collection. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE28007 A small memory leak can occur in AlteryxService.exe if the MongoDB is unreachable resulting in connection errors. This only occurs in environments with stand-alone User-Managed MongoDB instances and can be corrected by restarting Alteryx Service once MongoDB is available again. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE28135 Designer's dialog when publishing to Server might wait indefinitely causing Designer to appear to freeze when publishing AMP workflows to an AMP-enabled Server environment if no AMP-enabled workers are available to validate the workflow. 2021.1.2.20534 Known
DE28239 The Cancel button on the Admin > Jobs page renders outside of the table. 2021.1.2.20534 Known

Security Updates

Minor Release Version 2021.1.7.08014

AMP Engine may log sensitive information when processing workflows that contain Gallery Connections.  2021.1.7.08014 Fixed
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