Server 2021.3 Release Notes

Last modified: December 14, 2022
Release Note Product Versions
Version Date Release End of Support
2021.3.1.47945 August 11, 2021 Major February 11, 2023
2021.3.2.54175 September 7, 2021 Minor February 11, 2023
2021.3.3.63061 October 28, 2021 Minor February 11, 2023
2021.3.4.00445 December 21, 2021 Minor February 11, 2023
2021.3.5.03604 February 8, 2022 Minor February 11, 2023
2021.3.6.01129 May 12, 2022 Minor February 11, 2023
2021.3.7.05186 September 15, 2022 Minor February 11, 2023
2021.3.8.17680 December 14, 2022 Minor February 11, 2023

New Features

Schedule Forecast Performance Improved

The Schedule Forecast performance was improved by up to 98%. We’ve added the ability to perform regularly the average runtime calculations and to cache the results so that page loading for the forecast is much quicker.  

Go to Gallery Settings to set the frequency in which the cache is updated. You can refresh the Schedule Forecast manually on the Schedule Forecast page. For more information, visit the Gallery Configuration and the Schedule Forecast: Admin Interface help page. 

EULA and Privacy Policy Information Added

We've added links to the Alteryx End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy to the Help menu. To access all this information, select the question mark icon in the top toolbar.  

Collections Overview Updated

The Collections table view was updated in the Server UI to bring you better user experience. 

Server UI Improvements

Now you can rename workflows from the workflow details page. We've enabled workflow name customization, added a tooltip to each collection name, and increased the width of the collection name column. For more information, visit the Workflow Options in Gallery help page.

MongoDB Upgrade to Version 4.2 (starting with 2021.3.6.01129)

We upgraded the embedded MongoDB to version 4.2. We also upgraded the drivers for MongoDB to support up to version 4.4 for user-managed MongoDB. For more information, visit the MongoDB Schema Reference and MongoDB Advanced Connection Strings help pages.


Fixed and Known Issues


Major Release Version 2021.3.1.47945

ID Description Version Issue Status
DE18281 Chunk endpoint not validating checksum and allowing multiple chunks with same checksum. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE28135 Designer hangs when uploading workflow to Server with certain AMP Settings. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE28163 Problems in rendering when uploading to Gallery, and with managing assets for users with a long number of characters in the name field. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE28275 The AlteryxGallery.Users.LastLoginDate field in MongoDB is not being populated for Gallery with SAML authentication. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE28485 Users not able to authenticate with SAML when the Unregistered Users Can Run Public Workflows option is enabled. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE28757 File name with the ‘=’ symbol causes unknown issue on Gallery. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29231 Telemetry: Getting the 400 response on Server_Stats Payload. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29302 Scheduling is not possible from the collection when users must specify their own credentials. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29321 API Swagger Doc for user/v2 is missing the correct endpoint. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29685 API Access key is blank in a new database. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29879 GET /gallery/api/apps/jobs/ missing trailing slash when returning results from the validation job in Designer. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29931 Migration log is missing important log lines. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE29957 Gallery is not able to handle workflow run results with large amount of data. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE30048 Issues with the Alteryx Gallery Custom Group permissions and credentials. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE30086 Default Role updated from Default to the effective Role while editing User Profile. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE30090 The Sign In window to Gallery from Designer UI is extended in size and inconsistent in color. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE30164 Not able to add Users to Credentials or Data Connections. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33472 Poor user experience with the Window Authentication session handling changes. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33552 The change of the Side Navigation link color within Theme is not applied. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33602 SAML authentication fails with a 404 error and null reference exception. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33605 Core UI Components do not load on IE11. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33606 Recurring Schedule throws error when switching from Custom Schedule. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33607 Pagination for Admin > Users > Groups is not working. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33608 Schedule Forecast: The ‘Refresh pending’ text is not shown when refresh is triggered. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33609 Schedule Forecast: Jobs are not shown in the correct cells in the grid. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33610 The Default value in Collection > Pagination shows ‘Select’ instead of a number in the drop down. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33611 Schedule Forecast: Showing a disabled scrollbar on the dates. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33612 Alignment issue for User > Schedule when editing a schedule. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33613 When editing user credentials, the rows in the table are not rendered correctly. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33707 When uploading package through Admin Gallery > Workflows, the validation info messages are reported as errors. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33708 Indication a workflow is being uploaded to the Gallery through Admin > Workflows does not exist. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33710 Quotes (“) or long encoded SMTP passwords result in service issues. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33731 Errors still occur in Server when attempting to view large YXDB results files. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33874 Updating the controller token via CMD line breaks encrypted credentials and data connections. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33888 Error occurs when adding a new workflow through the admin web interface that contains Unicode in the title. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33896 Editing/saving hourly recurring schedules is not working. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33897 Default theme for some primary buttons is not being applied as expected. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33901 Search for a user in Admin > Jobs > Migrate is not working. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33902 Updating the name of a workflow in Gallery UI and then resaving the workflow from Designer results in the old name being redisplayed in the Gallery. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33903 Attempting to edit a schedules time zone (all frequencies) results in errors. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33904 Filtering Groups by role is not working. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33905 Changing an existing schedule from ‘Recurring’ to ‘Once’ breaks the Schedule Forecast. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33912 Schedule Forecaster fails to load if an active schedule that has run at least once has no results in AS_Queue to query. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE33941 User added to a Collection with the ‘Update Assets’ option set to ‘No’ can still access the ‘Save’ button in Designer. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.3.3.63061

TCPE-10 Alteryx Gallery Schedule is corrupted resulting in schedule errors and search issues. 2021.3.3.63061 Fixed



Alteryx Server displays deleted workflows or does not search users after Lucene "optimization" process. 2021.3.3.63061 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.3.4.00445



Users can't see the Private Studio and/or Home page content after Alteryx Server was upgraded to 21.3.3.  2021.3.4.00445 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.3.5.03604


Gallery schedules cause cascading visibility and search issues. Service logs show corrupt records. This is a supplemental fix to TCPE-10.  2021.3.5.03604 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.3.6.01129

The API endpoints GET /admin/v1/workflows/ and GET /admin/v1/workflows/jobs/ return empty results if a query parameter isn't provided. To work around the issue, provide a query parameter or utilize GET /admin/v1/workflows/all. 2021.3.6.01129 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.3.7.05186

Service fails to start when upgrading to 2021.3.6: "Index name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx already exists with a different name".  2021.3.7.05186 Fixed
Alteryx Service does not start if the MongoDB is using the MMAPv1 storage engine.
When migrating to the latest version of MongoDB, the migration process will now convert your DB from MMAPv1 to WiredTiger in order to prevent compatibility issues that prevent the Alteryx Service from starting.
2021.3.7.05186 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.3.8.17680

TGAL-6909 Corrected an issue where the installer wasn't recognizing the version of MongoDB properly. This happened during an upgrade if a patch had been applied to update MongoDB from 4.2.15 to 4.2.22. This caused the installer to incorrectly report an error indicating the user was attempting to upgrade from an unsupported version of MongoDB. 2021.3.8.17680 Fixed



Major Release Version 2021.3.1.47945

DE29897 Collection name with special characters does not get displayed correctly in Designer.  2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE30149 An error may occur when editing a shared schedule and manually providing workflow credentials.  2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE30151 When connecting to a Windows Authentication enabled Server the login dialog renders with some unexpected artifacts.  2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE30183 When using Internet Explorer, the page may scroll farther than expected. 2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE30185 Hover text does not display when hovering over a Banner Ad.   2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE30186 Media > Banner Ads page does not refresh appropriately after changes are applied or banners are re-ordered.  2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE30196 Network Name is missing on the Admin “Group” page for Alteryx Server 2021.1.   2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE32744 Oracle data connection fails when created from a form but works when edited.  2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33514 Notification when a user is added to a collection displays the collection name as a URL encoded string.  2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33827 Drop Down selection on Gallery has unreadable fonts when Japanese CSV file is used.  2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE33866 Curators can see Workflow Results for other users on shared Workflows which causes Access Denied error.  2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE34032 Users may not be able to download their own workflow when using the API to publish the workflow.  2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE34042 When adding a renamed workflow to a collection, the Add Workflow dialog displays the original name instead of the new one.  2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE34092 When adding a new collection, special characters may not be encoded correctly.  2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE34106 Workflow version is not populating Server history.  2021.3.1.47945 Known
DE34149 Bugs with adding Insights or Users in the Collections.  2021.3.1.47945 Known

Minor Release Version 2021.3.4.00445


The API endpoints GET /admin/v1/workflows/ and GET /admin/v1/workflows/jobs/ return empty results if a query parameter isn't provided. To work around the issue, provide a query parameter or utilize GET /admin/v1/workflows/all.  2021.3.4.00445 Known

Security Updates


Major Release Version 2021.3.1.47945

ID Description Version Issue Status
DE27918 Added ‘noreferrer noopener’ attributes to cross-origin link. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed
DE27997 Mask MongoDB credentials in System Settings UI. 2021.3.1.47945 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.3.6.01129

ID Description Version Issue Status
AMP Engine may log sensitive information when processing workflows that contain Gallery Connections.  2021.3.6.01129 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.3.8.17680

ID Description Version Issue Status



The embedded MongoDB in Alteryx Server versions prior to 2022.3 contains a known Denial-of-Service vulnerability (CVE-2021-32036); exploit requires authenticated user access to the MongoDB installation, which the Alteryx Server doesn't provide by default, but many customers have enabled it for direct monitoring of their Server's database backend. 2021.3.8.17680 Fixed



ID Description Version Issue Status



The embedded MongoDB in Alteryx Server versions prior to 2022.3 contains a known Denial-of-Service vulnerability (CVE-2021-32036); exploit requires authenticated user access to the MongoDB installation, which the Alteryx Server doesn't provide by default, but many customers have enabled it for direct monitoring of their Server's database backend. 2021.3.x - 2022.3 Known

*In accordance with security best practices and to prevent potential manipulation by bad actors, Alteryx does not disclose the details of any open vulnerability until all supported versions are updated with a fix. Beginning with 2022.3, releases and updates will become available and will continue until the fix has been supplied for all supported versions. To ensure that all versions you use are promptly fixed, regular updates are strongly recommended. More information will be made available once the vulnerability has been fixed for all supported versions that were impacted. 

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