Server 2021.4 Release Notes

Last modified: October 19, 2022
Release Note Product Versions
Version Date Release End of Support
2021.4.1.04899 February 2, 2022 Major February 2, 2024
2021.4.2.02731 March 17, 2022 Minor February 2, 2024
2021.4.2.07064* (Patch 1) April 21, 2022 Minor/Patch February 2, 2024
2021.4.2.05617 (Patch 2) June 5, 2022 Minor/Patch February 2, 2024
2021.4.2.35356 (Patch 3) July 20, 2022 Minor/Patch February 2, 2024
2021.4.2.40860** (Patch 4) August 31, 2022 Minor/Patch February 2, 2024

*2021.4.2 Patch Update

Alteryx now gives you the ability to patch your installation of Designer or Server without the need to perform a full uninstall and reinstall.

The 21.4.2 Patches and all subsequent releases contain an important security fix for AMP Engine.

  • If you previously installed the base version 2021.4.2.02731, please apply the most recent patch.
  • For all other versions, please install the most recent full version (this version already includes the patch).

You can download both items from the Downloads & Licences portal. For older patch versions, contact Fulfillment.

**If you did not previously install version 2021.4.2.07064, you can install the latest patch, which includes the updates from 2021.4.2.07064.

Update: 2021.4.2 Release

We have released version 2021.4.2.02731 to address the issues identified in version 2021.4.1 (noted below).

2021.4.1 Release

We have identified issues in the Alteryx 21.4.1 release that may impact the use of the product. In Designer, we have identified conditions where Excel data may not completely import and may not return an error. This issue and recommended resolution is documented in more detail in our Community Knowledge Base.

If you have deployed 21.4.1 into production, we recommend confirming if you are impacted. We recommend contacting technical support for assistance if you are reverting 21.4.1 Server in production.

If you have downloaded but are not using 21.4.1 in production, our general recommendation is to upgrade to the now released 2021.4.2.02731 version.

New Features

Data Connection Manager

You now have the option to use Data Connection Manager (DCM) to securely store user credentials for data connections outside of your workflow. DCM improves security because it provides access control and a way to share connections. It improves manageability of password credentials because the credential resolves at runtime, so it only needs to be updated once to serve multiple workflows. DCM allows you to synchronize credentials between Server and Designer.

In Server, you can manage your credentials and connections on the DCM Data Sources and DCM Credentials pages. For more information, visit the Data Connection Manager: Server UI and DCM help page. 

New Server API V3

We’ve implemented the new Server API V3. This adds functionality to modify objects that represent assets, collections, users, groups, credentials, connections, and more. Use the new API to automate otherwise manual tasks and integrate Server with your existing API automation tools and scripts.

The V3 Admin API uses OAuth 2. It implements basic POST, PUT, GET, and DELETE functionality to give you safe ways to modify your Server environment. For more information on how to use the new API, visit the Alteryx Server API V3 help page. 

In addition to the new V3 API, the legacy endpoints for V1, V2, and Subscription are available at a new base URL as OAuth 2 endpoints.

New User Interface–My Workspace

We’ve changed the Server user interface. We replaced the Home page with the new My Workspace page, divided into the My Files, Public, and Shared With Me tabs. For more information about My Workspace, visit the Alteryx Server UI Overview help page.

Updated User Interface–Workflow Details and User Profile Pages 

We’ve changed the user interface of the workflow details and user profile pages to improve usability and accessibility. The user profile is a full page on which you can edit inline to change your default credentials, worker tags, etc.

Increased Security for Controller Tokens

For security reasons, we’ve made enhancements to the following:  

  • We increased the entropy of the controller token used to connect the controller to worker nodes and to encrypt the data between them. 
  • We upgraded the hashing algorithm used with the token to SHA-256. 
  • These changes can cause incompatibility issues for older Designer versions. We recommend that you update Designer to 2021.4 if you send direct communications to the scheduler service, bypassing the Server UI (Private Gallery). 
  • Admins need to regenerate the token and update all remote clients with the new token. To regenerate your token, go to Server System Settings. Select Next until you get to Controller > General > Controller Token. Select Regenerate.
  • Errors or failures might occur when you restore from a backup or perform host migration from an older version of Server. First, restore the backup or perform the host migration to the same version of Server. Then upgrade to the new version and regenerate the token.

MongoDB Upgrade

We upgraded the embedded MongoDB to version 4.2. We also upgraded the drivers for MongoDB to support up to version 4.4 for user-managed MongoDB. For more information, visit the MongoDB Schema Reference and MongoDB Advanced Connection Strings help pages. 

Default Worker Tag Change

After the upgrade from a lower version of Server to 21.4, the Default Worker Tag at the Subscription level changed to "Unassigned". The intended change was to remove the Default Worker Tag at the Subscription level and move it to both the User and Admin levels. Currently, the Default Worker Tag has only been added to the User level but not yet to the Admin level. You can also still see this functionality at the Subscription level but it is no longer functional. 

Therefore, as an admin, you cannot currently set the Default Worker Tag via Server Administration. As a workaround, you can set it via the V3 API, if needed. In the meantime, we are prioritizing work to add it to the Admin side for user profiles. To set the Default Worker Tag via the V3 API, use the PUT {baseURL}/v3/users/{id} endpoint. For more information about this endpoint, go to the User Endpoints help page.


Fixed and Known Issues


Major Release Version 2021.4.1.04899

ID Description Version Issue Status
TCPE-10  Gallery schedules cause cascading visibility and search issues. Service logs show corrupt records. 2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
TCPE-13  "The Service is not starting in a timely manner." message appears when starting Alteryx Service from the command line.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
TCPE-60  SAML Authorization: Worker tag and location fields are incorrect while publishing a workflow to Gallery, causing the malfunctioning of worker tag assignment.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Users can't see Apps Contents: Studio/Home is blank in 21.3.3.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Alteryx Gallery HTML and PCXML issues.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Error occurs when workflow is replaced in Alteryx Gallery 2018.3.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Admin Permission configuration questions.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Server/Gallery: Unable to assign Place holders under Notifications.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Upload Date column doesn't sort properly based on date values in Named Collections.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Shared Schedule within collections is not showing correct Last/Next Run Dates.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Worker tags cause slow Gallery performance.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
App with File Browse Tool running on Server Gallery produces error if the user selects an XLSX file but then changes it to a CSV file.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Curators can see all workflows in Gallery (whether shared or not) via File > Open > Workflows shared with me in Designer.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Incorrect Next Run Workflow Schedule when Next Run spans multiple days.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Error occurs while editing shared schedule and entering credentials manually.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Network Name is missing on the Admin “Group” page for Alteryx Server 2021.1.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Sandbox environment: Error occurs in console for PageHeaders.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Curators can see Workflow Results for other users on shared workflows which causes the Access Denied error.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Error occurs when new workflow is added directly from Gallery.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Alteryx Server displays deleted workflows or doesn't search users after Lucene "Optimization" process.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Users can't download their own workflows when using migration endpoint.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Migration fails on Mongo translation error.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Migration should not insert BsonNull string literal.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Issue with upgrade from 2019.x resulting in queued jobs causing worker(s) to not run jobs.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Controller isn't checking the authenticated user permission to create collections.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
TGAL-5822  Designer to Server connection fails when HTTP header is lowercased.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
TGAL-5895  Workflow reports error in Alteryx Server when log size exceeds 16MB.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Next Run does not get updated when a recurring monthly schedule gets its date changed.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
TGAL-5933  MetaInfo changes are not updated in the Gallery.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
TGAL-5934  Custom Group Roles are not updated.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
TGAL-5937  Mask MongoDB credentials in Gallery Persistence. 2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
TGAL-5939  Alteryx Service fails to start: RuntimeSettings.xml file Gallery Web Persistence Database Name and Search Persistence Database Name are not removed after switching settings back to default if custom database names are used.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
TGAL-5992  Gallery APIs performance degradation on 2021.2.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
TGAL-6148  Address corrupted schedules.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
MultiNode: Intermittent UI issue with the Save button on a TimeZoneSupport dialog.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Collections: Special characters are not encoded correctly when adding a new collection.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Users can't add Insights or users to Collections.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Schedules are broken due to missing TimeZone.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
TMEE-208  Admin Gallery Collections page gets broken after clicking on Insight link.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
TMEE-214  Double render on Workflow Details and User Profile page load.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
TMEE-215  Memory leak of ag-grid table on My Workspace page.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
TMEE-233  Adding a data connection to Gallery with only the connection name leads to endless loading after opening this new connection.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
TMEE-241  Alteryx Server: Default credentials are not pre-populated.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
TMEE-243  Subscription API keys are no longer available.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
TMEE-316  Workflow output doesn't render after run completes.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
TMEE-337  Authentication is broken after running a workflow.  2021.4.1.04899 Fixed
Minor Release Version 2021.4.2.02731
ID Description Version Issue Status
TGAL-6317 Users in an environment using Windows Authentication are unable to query the V1 jobs API endpoints ported to the WebAPI framework and return results. 2021.4.2.02731 Fixed
Using Private Subscription/Studio API keys with v1 Gallery API endpoints fails with an unknown exception. Endpoints in 21.4.1 are incorrectly not recognizing Subscription/Studio keys. 2021.4.2.02731 Fixed
TGAL-6332 Making API calls using GET /v1/jobs/{jobId}/output/{outputId}/ resulted in 500 response code. 2021.4.2.02731 Fixed
TGAL-6356 Using the Server V3 API POST /v3/workflows endpoint can result in FileNotFoundException.  2021.4.2.02731 Fixed
Workflow credentials fail when attempting to utilize them on remote worker nodes. 2021.4.2.02731 Fixed
Chained applications stop working in 21.4.1 Server. The first app runs, but subsequent apps do not. 2021.4.2.02731 Fixed
Minor Release Version 2021.4.2.05617
ID Description Version Issue Status
2021.4: Date Picker Interface tool with no default value results in errors in the Server UI. 2021.4.2.05617 Fixed
Artisan users unable to run certain v1 endpoints via WebAPI when authenticating via Oauth2.  2021.4.2.05617 Fixed
Schema migration with large amount of Users/Subscriptions fails upgrading to 21.4.   2021.4.2.05617 Fixed
The API endpoints GET /admin/v1/workflows/ and GET /admin/v1/workflows/jobs/ return empty results if a query parameter isn't provided. To work around the issue, provide a query parameter or utilize GET /admin/v1/workflows/all. 2021.4.2.05617 Fixed
Banners aren't displayed on the new My Workspace page. 2021.4.2.05617 Fixed
Server: Hover text is not displayed while hovering over Banner Ad. 2021.4.2.05617 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.4.2.35356

ID Description Version Issue Status
When sharing Data Source Connections with Custom Groups, any user within that Custom Group receives the error, "Selected Connection is not available. Set one up to use the tool" after running the workflow. 2021.4.2.35356 Fixed
Python-SDK tools using DCM run continuously on Server without completing or fail validation. 2021.4.2.35356 Fixed

Minor Release Version 2021.4.2.40860

ID Description Version Issue Status
Alteryx Service does not start if the MongoDB is using the MMAPv1 storage engine. 
When migrating to the latest version of MongoDB, the migration process will now convert your DB from MMAPv1 to WiredTiger in order to prevent compatibility issues that prevent the Alteryx Service from starting.
2021.4.2.40860 Fixed
TGAL-6733 Python tools with DCM.E enabled failed to run on the Server.  2021.4.2.40860 Fixed
TMEE-757 Workflow owners are unable to update the 'Ready To Be Migrated' flag via Workflow Settings.  2021.4.2.40860 Fixed


Major Release Version 2021.4.1.04899

ID Description Version Issue Status
When Server is first restarted to recognize reconfiguration from Unrestricted Mode to Safe Mode, there is a 10-minute window during which previously scheduled workflows that would be denied under Safe Mode may still execute. 2021.4.1.04899 Known
Alteryx Server: Adding Data Connection Fails if Password has a Pipe "|" .  2021.4.1.04899 Known
User canceled message caused by working being told to die is not recognized as error by Alteryx Engine.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
Base64 Encoder issues have to be fixed.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
Alteryx workflows flagged as "Error" while the event message and logs seem to indicate "Success".  2021.4.1.04899 Known
Win-Auth: If non-Admin user signs in to Admin Gallery, the restricted Admin page opens but with all controls disabled.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
Workflow result link breaks after the actual workflow is deleted from Server.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
Schedules: Next Run timestamp is before the Last Run.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
Account lockout message when attempting to sign in to Admin portal needs to be updated.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
Extra data output log message type 109 - AlteryxBasePluginsGui.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
Fix MongoDB error Leak: DecryptBody - new Operator memory leak.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
Error message when publishing without appropriate permissions needs to be more generic.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
Worker Configuration page in Server Configuration window has active input when corresponding checkbox is deselected.   2021.4.1.04899 Known
Telemetry: Incorrect osVersion on Server_Stats payloads  2021.4.1.04899 Known
After renaming a workflow, the new name is not cascaded when adding the workflow to a collection.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
TGAL-5831  Creation of user through Admin -> Users adds duplicate Studio in Subscriptions.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
TGAL-5863  Alteryx Server: Workflow is not packaged correctly during Schedule Migration.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
TGAL-5875  The 'Save' button is not displayed when saving workflow to Gallery that is from another user's studio.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
TGAL-6039  Unable to change collection owner.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
TGAL-6040  Not possible to save the priority change of an existing schedule.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
TGAL-6042  A user can continue scheduling workflows, even after an admin removes permission, until they refresh their browser. 2021.4.1.04899 Known
TGAL-6046  A negative number of the execution time showing in AS_Queue.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
TGAL-6083  Able to create a Subscription with name containing only blank spaces.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
TGAL-6085  User search doesn't work on middle-of-name text.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
TGAL-6093  Public workflows that don't require logins to be ran don't display properly on the Public tab.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
Workflow Upload Date column in collections is incorrectly labeled.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
TGAL-6172  Insight doesn't render after upgrade from 21.1 to 21.3.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
TGAL-6188  Swagger documentation example model for PUT /workflows/{workflowid} is missing parameters.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
TGAL-6189  AlteryxService help documentation formatting needs to be fixed.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
Alteryx Gallery API Users: Non-admin users are able to retrieve names and partially obfuscated email addresses of other users in the system. 2021.4.1.04899 Known
Server API v3: POST /v3/usergroups/{id}/users unable to add users when using WinAuth authentication.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
TGAL-6251 Sorting by Shared Source column causes loading issue on My Workspace page. 2021.4.1.04899 Known
The API endpoints GET /admin/v1/workflows/ and GET /admin/v1/workflows/jobs/ return empty results if a query parameter isn't provided. To work around the issue, provide a query parameter or utilize GET /admin/v1/workflows/all.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
TGAL-6303 When using the /webapi/v1/workflows/{id}/package endpoint via the new API framework, the package download defaults to the wrong file extension. To work around this issue, rename the file extension to *.yxzp. 2021.4.1.04899 Known
TGAL-6307 When using the /webapi/v1/workflows/{id}/package endpoint via the new interactive API documentation, the downloaded file is corrupted due to an issue with SwaggerUI 2.x. To work around this issue, retrieve packages from the API using custom code or 3rd party API tools such as Postman. 2021.4.1.04899 Known
Using Private Subscription/Studio API keys with v1 Gallery API endpoints fails with an unknown exception. Endpoints in 21.4.1 are incorrectly not recognizing Subscription/Studio keys.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
TMEE-300  Editing tags doesn't work properly (logic and modal windows).  2021.4.1.04899 Known
TMEE-314  Collections: Icons for workflows are poorly sized in the dropdown when adding a workflow.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
TMEE-336  Red notification and error state from all modal windows with 1 filed have to be removed.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
TMEE-338  User can see the old piece of UI before My Workspace is loaded.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
Alteryx Gallery: Profile image file restriction doesn't match the file type filter.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
Alteryx Gallery: Job history logs display message type ID instead of label.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
Alteryx Gallery: Number of runs is not displayed on the workflow details page.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
Alteryx Gallery: Workflow name doesn't match the name displayed in "My Files".  2021.4.1.04899 Known
TMEE-382  Banner Ads are no longer working in 21.4+.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
Server: Hover text is not displayed while hovering over Banner Ad.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
Chained applications stop working in 21.4.1 Server. The first app runs, but subsequent apps do not.  2021.4.1.04899 Known
In WinAuth environments, the Public and Shared With Me tabs on the My Workspace page do not load when the owner of a public/shared workflow doesn't have a last name. 2021.4.1.04899 Known

Minor Release Version 2021.4.2.02731

ID Description Version Issue Status
TCUD-1626 Certain antivirus programs incorrectly flag up to 4 vulnerabilities in the Alteryx installer files. The files are safe as long as they have not been modified from the official Alteryx distribution. You can verify the integrity of your download by comparing its SHA256 hash (obtainable with certutil -hashfile SHA256) against the hash published on 2021.4.2.02731 Known
When sharing Data Source Connections with Custom Groups, any user within that Custom Group receives the error, "Selected Connection is not available. Set one up to use the tool" after running the workflow. 2021.4.2.02731 Known

Security Updates


Patch/Minor Release Version 2021.4.2.07064

ID Description Version Issue Status



AMP Engine may log sensitive information when processing workflows that contain Gallery Connections.  2021.4.2.07064 Fixed


ID Description Version Issue Status

To be disclosed.*

All 2021.4.x versions Known



To be disclosed.* All 2021.4.x versions Known

*In accordance with security best practices and to prevent potential manipulation by bad actors, Alteryx does not disclose the details of any open vulnerability until all supported versions are updated with a fix. Beginning with 2022.3, releases and updates will become available and will continue until the fix has been supplied for all supported versions. To ensure that all versions you use are promptly fixed, regular updates are strongly recommended. More information will be made available once the vulnerability has been fixed for all supported versions that were impacted.


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