Server 2022.3 Release Notes

Last modified: January 26, 2023

Release Note Product Versions
Version Date Release End of Support
2022.3.1.395 November 29, 2022 Limited Availability November 29, 2024
2022.3.1.430 January 25, 2023 Major November 29, 2024

Please note that any customers who participated in the Limited Availability program for 2022.3 should proceed with a full upgrade to 2022.3.1.430 which fully reinstalls Server with the GA version of 2022.3.1.430.

Please note that due to the cryptography migration in 2022.3, only Server versions 2021.2 and newer are supported to upgrade to 2022.3. If you have an older version than 2021.2, please upgrade to 2021.2 or a newer release before upgrading to 2022.3.

The Alteryx Server version 2022.3 offers separate GA and FIPS 140-2 capable products. Please note that these standards are developed by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for use by US government agencies and contractors. For more information about FIPS, go to the NIST FIPS FAQ page.

The general (non-FIPS) release version of Alteryx Server is not capable of FIPS operation. A separate release (and installer) is available under separate license terms, for our FIPS 140-2 customers. Contact your Alteryx Sales Representative for more details.

Feature Differences

Server-FIPS 2022.3 has a few features that are not available or limited in function when compared to the previous non-FIPS Server releases. See Alteryx Server and Server-FIPS Feature Differences for reference.

Upgrade Considerations

As of version 2022.3, Designer versions older than 2022.3 will NOT be able to share workflows to Server from Designer. You need to upload those workflows to Server 2022.3 using the Administrator UI or API. To maintain compatibility with Server, download the latest version of Designer. 

Required Password Reset for Built-In Authentication

If you use built-in authentication and you upgrade from a version lower than 22.1, you need to reset your password due to security improvements. If you didn't reset your password in version 22.1, you need to have SMTP enabled. This is so users can reset their password via the forgot password functionality or so that an admin can trigger password resets for all users via the UI or API. For more information on how to reset your Server password after an upgrade to 22.1, visit the Reset a User's Server Password help page.

Upcoming Changes to the Timestamp Format

In a coming release, all timestamps in the Server databases will be converted to the UTC format. There will be no change in functionality in the front end Server user interface and all times will be displayed as expected per the Server configuration settings. If you are taking timestamps directly from the Server database, please note that these timestamps will be migrated to UTC format for standardization across the product and to alleviate daylight savings time issues. 

New Features

Installer Updates

As of the 2022.3 release, Alteryx Designer, Server, and the R Predictive tools use new installer technology. The updated installer detects your operating system language and installs Alteryx products in that language (if available). Go to Download and Install a Product for important upgrade and downgrade considerations and review updated command-line options.

Migration Prep Tool 

To use the latest and best cryptography throughout Server to protect data at rest and data in flight, you now have a way to get your crypto migrated to the most modern algorithms without taking a lot of downtime and interrupting your business.  

As part of the move to more modern, FIPS-capable cryptography, we at Alteryx prepared a Migration Prep Tool to mitigate the maintenance window downtime that you require to get all your workflows migrated to the new crypto standard.   

The Migration Prep Tool for Server is a separate command line utility that allows pre-migration of a database of workflows and apps to migrate faster to the new AES256 standard.

This tool is optional and only needs to be run once before upgrading any prior Server version to Server 2022.2.x (FIPS build), 2022.3.x (FIPS or general availability builds) or beyond. However, we recommend you run the Migration Prep tool in some cases. 

For more information about this tool, visit the Migration Prep Tool help page. 

Server UI Redesign

We’ve redesigned these admin pages: Notifications, Settings (previously Configuration and Theme), Jobs, Schedules, Media, Insights, Workflows, Subscriptions, Diagnostics, Data Connections, Districts, Pages, and Links. The functionality of these pages remains the same.  

The Global Search user interface has also been updated. Items returned in search results now include more information, such as creation date, author, and type. You can also select which asset types to include in your search. These updates allow you to have more control over what you search for and get more information about your search results right from the search page.


Localization in Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish, and Portuguese has been extended to all Server pages, except the login page and Analytic App page.

OpenSSL3 Cryptographic Module Updates

  • We’ve updated our bundled OpenSSL3 cryptographic engine to OpenSSL 3.0.7, which addresses CVE-3602 and CVE-3786, both rated as High Severity.
  • We’ve bundled the OpenSSL3 Legacy Provider, which supplies older algorithms and ciphers (MD2, MD4, RC4, DES, IDEA, and others) that are no longer packaged as part of the core crypto engine in the 3.x series. Note that the Legacy Provider is not loaded unless it has been manually enabled via backend configuration on a particular Designer or Server host.

Encryption and Hashing Updates

The following are the updates we have made to Server encryption:

  • All encryption for data at rest is now using AES256. 
  • MD5 and SHA1 hashing have been updated to SHA256. 
  • Alteryx Server-FIPS uses these FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic modules:
    • OpenSSL version 3.0.0 – OpenSSL FIPS Provider – algorithm certs (A1938)[1]
    • Windows 10 - Cryptographic Primitives Library - Certificate #3197
  • Analytic app fields are not encrypted in this release. If you have personal identifying information (PII) in the analytic app fields, that data will not receive extra protection.

Server V3 API: Workflows, Jobs, and Credentials Endpoints 

We’ve also made some updates to the Server V3 API for users with Curator (admin) and Artisan rights: 

  • As an admin of Alteryx Server, you are now able to automate many processes, such as uploading workflows and accessing workflow and credential information.  
  • As a user with Artisan rights, you can now access some of the /workflows and /jobs endpoints from v1/v2/subscriptions as part of your v3 API. You can also post a workflow and specify workflow credentials, so the workflow has all its metadata needed to operate properly.

For more information about Server v3 API, visit the Alteryx Server API V3 and Server API V3 Objects help pages.  

System Settings Update

  • SSL/TLS: AlteryxService now supports TLS for internal and direct service layer communication. For the Server-FIPS, TLS is enabled for all services and cannot be disabled. Because of this change, you must install an X.509 (TLS) certificate on the Controller and Server UI nodes. This allows communication between nodes to work with TLS. We recommend installing certificates on all of the machines hosting Server, regardless of their configuration. For more information about the TLS Settings, go to the System Settings help page. 
  • Engine: When you enable the 'Allow Server to manage engine resources' setting in System Settings > Engine > General, the 'Allow users to override these settings' setting is now disabled. 

SAML Support Update

We've removed reliance on IdentityServer 3 and the AlteryxAuthHost.exe process. The SAML Functionality is now provided as part of the AlteryxServerWebApiHost.exe process. We've also added support for the request signing. 

Usage Data Configuration

We have removed the configuration for sending usage data in the Server Environment Settings. To read more about our philosophy on usage data, go to Improving Our Products with Usage Data and the Alteryx Privacy Policy.

Deprecation of the Server Usage Report

The Server Usage Report has been available as a separate download alongside the Server product and helps administrators get valuable statistics about their Server environment by running a workflow in Designer that connects to their MongoDB.

Due to ongoing changes to Server DB schemas, the validity and value of the report outputs have diminished over time and new schema additions in the underlying Server product database are not being captured in the Server Usage Report going forward. As such, the Server Usage Report will no longer be published alongside Server as a separate download. Previous versions of the report will continue to be available for download, but ongoing database changes will continue to devalue the outputs of this report over time.

Being a Designer macro, this report can be downloaded and updated by any user for ongoing use based on the information desired from the MongoDB. However, the Alteryx product team will not be updating or maintaining the report from its current state.

If you would like to submit feedback on the Server Usage Report, please complete this survey so that our Server product team can appropriately capture any asks for future inclusion in our product suite.


Fixed and Known Issues


Limited Availability Release Version 2022.3.1.395

ID Description Version Issue Status


When using the /webapi/v1/workflows/{id}/package endpoint via the new interactive API documentation, the downloaded yxzp file is corrupted due to an issue with SwaggerUI 2.0. To work around this issue, retrieve packages from the API using custom code or 3rd party API tools such as Postman. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TGAL-6338 Some IDP login forms do not render correctly in Alteryx Configuration. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TGAL-6401 The email link to confirm the email address directs you to an error stating the user has already been validated. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed



Assigning the default worker tag to the subscription is not saved correctly.  2022.3.1.395 Fixed



Canonical name has no bearing on Notification URLs. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed



Permissions change fails when configuring user with null Last Name. No error message appears to inform you about the failure.  2022.3.1.395 Fixed



The POST /v3/workflows/{workflowId}/versions endpoint does not show in the UI for workflows uploaded from Designer.  2022.3.1.395 Fixed



Unable to perform Date Filtering via the v3/schedules Server API endpoint.  2022.3.1.395 Fixed



Alteryx Server API V3 Users endpoint: Attempt to create a user fails.  2022.3.1.395 Fixed



Server API: DELETE v3 for /users/ fails if there's a workflow in the Public space.  2022.3.1.395 Fixed



Server API: PUT /users/ v3 fails if user has a null lastName.  2022.3.1.395 Fixed


2022.1: Users profile still shows Subscription API key event though that functionality was removed in 22.1. Additionally, for Admins is till possible to turn on/off the API from a subscription.  2022.3.1.395 Fixed



Schedules Forecast: An error was encountered when attempting to load your scheduled workflows in Admin > Jobs > Scheduled Workflows tab. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed



Service fails to start on MongoDB 4.2 using MMAPv1 storage engine.  2022.3.1.395 Fixed


V3 API for POST, PUT /workflows does not allow setting of the workflowCredentialType.  2022.3.1.395 Fixed



The yxdb outputs that contain map data do not render previews properly.  2022.3.1.395 Fixed



When a Server UI has "Disable Direct Downloads" enabled in the configuration, any workflows that were migrated to the environment or uploaded via the Admin Workflows page result in an error. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed



API Access Key and API Access Secret are not available for the users created from Users page. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TGAL-6740 Server API: The POST /v3/workflows/{workflowId}/versions endpoint is not working as expected. We disabled the endpoint temporarily. We will reintroduce the endpoint when a solution is available. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TMEE-382 Banner Ads no longer working in 21.4+. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TMEE-383 Hover text is not displayed while hovering over Banner Ad.  2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TMEE-444 App Re-Run: App questions are reset to the defaults instead of maintaining the entered values.  2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TMEE-457 Global search doesn't work if the keyword contains an underscore.  2022.3.1.395 Fixed



API credentials do not appear unless the page is refreshed.  2022.3.1.395 Fixed



2021.4 Upgrade: Meta Info display issues in Server UI. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed



Created users do not reflect until a user refreshes the page in Multinode environment.  2022.3.1.395 Fixed



Admin Settings page is returning 400 and 500 errors when updating settings.  2022.3.1.395 Fixed

Setting "Users Can Register" in Admin > Settings > Configuration to be enabled (checked) disables sign up by setting "SignupDisabled" to True.

2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TMEE-609 Admin Districts: In the Create District page, the Title text is not auto populating when selecting the NavLink field. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TMEE-618 Admin Districts: Upload District Icon Modal window missed Reset to Default icon. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TMEE-630 Bug Fixes 22.2: While using  Windows as authentication method, Admins should not be  prompted for UserName and Password.  2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TMEE-636 Bug Fixes 22.2: Admins are not able to change the workflow icon in a workflow details.  2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TMEE-643 Bug Fixes 22.2: Admins are not able to see the “Scheduled Time” as a column in the Jobs.  2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TMEE-652 Server UI Global search: Failed to display Created By for Workflows, Pages, Districts in global search results. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed
TMEE-824 Admin Users: Failed to upload profile picture files equal or larger than 197 KB and equal or smaller than 200KB. 2022.3.1.395 Fixed


Major Release Version 2022.3.1.430

ID Description Version Issue Status
A CORS policy attribute in the AccessControlAllowOrigin tag of the RuntimeSettings.xml file causes the Web API to fail, resulting in Gallery nodes not starting successfully. 2022.3.1.430 Fixed
TGAL-6743 Base maps might not render in apps that utilize the Map Input tool depending on your configuration. Refer to Maps tiles do not render in Server UI (Community article) for more information and how to work around this issue. 2022.3.1.430 Fixed
TGAL-6794 When you save a new version of a workflow that already has a schedule, the new version runs only once, then the schedule switches back to the previous version of the workflow. 2022.3.1.430 Fixed
TGAL-6986 The POST admin/v1/workflows/ endpoint breaks the ability to run a workflow if the workflow has a different name than the originally uploaded workflow. 2022.3.1.430 Fixed



Database schema migration fails if the environment contains Server Data Connections with NULL or empty passwords. 2022.3.1.430 Fixed



The Limited Availability 2022.3 Server workflows fail to re-upload after encryption.  2022.3.1.430 Fixed
TPRI-933 In versions 2021.4+, only the workflow owner and curators can access Workflow Settings. In the previous releases, all users with access to the workflow could access Workflow Settings. 2022.3.1.430 Fixed
TPRI-935 Unable to add Users to a Subscription on a Server configured for Windows Authentication.  2022.3.1.430 Fixed



Limited Availability Release Version 2022.3.1.395

ID Description Version Issue Status



Users are not shown in the Add User dropdown of Data Connections when the username consists of Japanese characters only. 2022.3.1.395 Known



Open Workflow From the Server UI window immediately exits. 2022.3.1.395 Known



Daylight Saving Time (DST) alters future interval scheduling of jobs/workflows. They are being pushed to the top of the hour when scheduled during the DST window of 2AM - 2:59AM. For more information about the DST change, visit Schedules: Time Zone Support 2022.3.1.395




Daylight Saving Time (DST) is causing schedules to run at incorrect time in Server - schedules are shifted an hour forward or backward during the Daylight Saving Time. For more information about the DST change, visit Schedules: Time Zone Support. 2022.3.1.395 Known


Base maps may not render in apps that utilize the map input tool depending on your configuration. Refer to Maps tiles do not render in Server UI (Community article) for more information and how to work around this issue. 2022.3.1.395 Known



Server API V3: Setting “application/xml” or “text/xml” in the Accept header of the API request returns an error or does not return the results in the XML format. 2022.3.1.395 Known
TGAL-6751 Admin login page using SAML doesn't display the SAML login screen.  2022.3.1.395 Known
TGAL-6756 Error returned when an Admin uses the Replace Workflows button to replace a Designer-uploaded workflow through the API or Server UI. 2022.3.1.395 Known
TGAL-6825 The Migration Prep Tool accepts multiple inputs on the initial prompt for input, reading them in sequence. Thus “yy” can approve multiple commands without the user’s knowledge. 2022.3.1.395 Known



Intermittent Server access issues with collections and other pages after upgrading to 2022.1. 2022.3.1.395 Known



Database schema migration fails if the environment contains Server Data Connections with NULL or empty passwords. 2022.3.1.395 Known



Output messages on Analytics Apps run in Server are not being displayed correctly. 2022.3.1.395 Known



When you edit a weekly schedule in 2022.1, it selects all days instead of the days you had previously selected. Also, the "No ending date" checkbox is not prepopulated. 2022.3.1.395 Known



Server UI/UX Improvements: Server Admin UI new page text box cannot handle Japanese text input. 2022.3.1.395 Known



Server UI/UX Improvements: "Asset Management" message is not translated.  2022.3.1.395 Known



Server UI/UX Improvements: Excerpt text in Districts > Create District has an editing issue. When you add a character to the middle of the text, the cursor automatically goes back to the end of the text. 2022.3.1.395 Known


Major Release Version 2022.3.1.430

ID Description Version Issue Status
TGAL-7017 Anonymous users are unable to run public workflows even when the “Unregistered Users Can Run Workflow on the Homepage” setting has been enabled.  2022.3.1.430 Known



After you install the Server patch on top of the Server full GA build, the patch version is not displayed in the About Alteryx window in Designer. The patch version is displayed instead. 2022.3.1.430 Known

Security Updates


ID Description Version Issue Status
TGAL-2207 To be disclosed.* 2020.4 and newer. Known

To be disclosed.*

All 2022.x versions Known



To be disclosed.* All 2022.x versions Known

*In accordance with security best practices and to prevent potential manipulation by bad actors, Alteryx does not disclose the details of any open vulnerability until all supported versions are updated with a fix. Beginning with 2022.3, releases and updates will become available and will continue until the fix has been supplied for all supported versions. To ensure that all versions you use are promptly fixed, regular updates are strongly recommended. More information will be made available once the vulnerability has been fixed for all supported versions that were impacted.

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