Server 2023.1 Release Notes

Last modified: May 23, 2023
 Release Note Product Versions
Version Date Release End of Support
2023.1.1.123 May 17, 2023 Major May 17, 2025


Upgrade Considerations
  • Please note that due to the cryptography migration in 2022.3, only Server versions 2021.2 and newer are supported to upgrade to 2023.1. If you have a version older than 2021.2, upgrade to 2021.2 or a newer release before upgrading to 2023.1.
  • As of version 2023.1, Designer versions older than 2022.3 Patch 3 will NOT be able to publish workflows from Designer to Server. For older versions of Designer you will need to upload those workflows to Server 2023.1 using the Administrator UI or API. To maintain compatibility with Server, download the latest version of Designer. The latest version of Designer that is backwards compatible with Server 2023.1 is Designer 2022.3 Patch 3.
Important: Alteryx Connect Customers

If you are an Alteryx Connect customer, do not upgrade to Alteryx Server version 2023.1—this will break Connect and will require a full uninstall and downgrade of Server. Server version 2023.1 requires an update before it's compatible with Connect. We are working to have this available in the coming weeks.

If you are not a Connect customer, you are safe to upgrade to Server version 2023.1.

Migration Prep Tool

To use the latest and best cryptography throughout Server to protect data at rest and data in flight, you now have a way to get your crypto migrated to the most modern algorithms without taking a lot of downtime and interrupting your business.  

As part of the move to more modern, FIPS-capable cryptography, we prepared a Migration Prep Tool to mitigate the maintenance window downtime required to get all your workflows migrated to the new crypto standard.   

The Migration Prep Tool for Server is a separate command line utility that allows pre-migration of a database of workflows and apps to migrate faster to the new AES256 standard.

This tool is optional and only needs to be run once before upgrading any prior Server version to Server 2022.2.x (FIPS build), 2022.3.x (FIPS or general availability builds) or beyond. However, we recommend you run the Migration Prep tool in some cases.

For more information about this tool, visit the Migration Prep Tool help page.

Upcoming Changes to the Timestamp Format

In a coming release, all timestamps in the Server databases will be converted to the UTC format. There will be no change in functionality in the front-end Server user interface and all times will be displayed as expected per the Server configuration settings. If you are taking timestamps directly from the Server database, these timestamps will be migrated to UTC format for standardization across the product and to alleviate daylight savings time issues.

Upcoming Deprecation of OS Support

As part of the deprecation of Windows Server 2012 on October 10, 2023, Alteryx Server will no longer be supporting this operating system as of the 2023.2 release later this year. 

If you operate Alteryx Server on Windows Server 2012, we encourage you to upgrade to a supported version of the OS prior to upgrading to Alteryx Server 2023.2. The reason is that MongoDB upgrades in the 2023.2 release will render Alteryx Server unusable if installed on a system running the Windows Server 2012 operating system. Alteryx Server versions 2023.1 and prior will continue to operate on Windows Server 2012. For more information on this topic, please go to FAQ: Alteryx Server and MongoDB 4.2 Community article

The Alteryx Server version 2023.1 offers separate GA and FIPS 140-2 capable products. Please note that these standards are developed by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for use by US government agencies and contractors. For more information about FIPS, go to the NIST FIPS FAQ page.

The general (non-FIPS) release version of Alteryx Server is not capable of FIPS operation. A separate release (and installer) is available under separate license terms, for our FIPS 140-2 customers. Contact your Alteryx Sales Representative for more details.

Feature Differences

Server-FIPS 2023.1 has a few features that are not available or limited in function when compared to the non-FIPS Server releases. See Alteryx Server and Server-FIPS Feature Differences for reference.

New Features

Azure Active Directory Group Support with SAML Authentication

Admins can now sync users and group access to Server using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and the SCIM protocol. This allows admins to manage user and group permissions and Server access from their identity provider as single source of truth. Users and groups are automatically synced from Azure AD to Server, making it faster to onboard or offboard Server users and groups. 

This functionality is available if you are using SAML as your authentication method. Any identity provider that supports SCIM can use this functionality, but official support is limited to Azure AD, which is the only provider we tested. To read more about the Azure AD group with SAML authentication and SCIM support, go to Configure Alteryx Server Authentication and Alteryx Server Settings.

New API Endpoints

Added new API endpoints to add and delete an Active Directory (AD) group via the admin API.

  • To add an AD group to a custom Server group, use the following admin API endpoint: POST/v3/usergroups/{id}/activedirectorygroups.
  • To delete an AD group from a custom Server group, use the following admin API endpoint: DELETE/v3/usergroups/{userGroupId}/activedirectorygroups/{adGroupSid}.

For more information about these endpoints, visit the User Group Endpoints help page or access the Swagger documentation by selecting the question mark icon in the upper right corner of Server interface.

Updates to API Endpoint for Uploading New Workflow Versions 

We introduced the /v3/workflows/{workflowId}/versions API to allow admins and users to upload new versions of existing workflows. Additionally, we updated the Admin Upload Workflow so .yxzp workflows uploaded this way can now be versioned as changes are made in Designer or uploaded via the new API. For more information, go to Workflow Endpoints and Workflows: Admin Interface, or access the Swagger documentation by selecting the question mark icon in the upper right corner of Server interface.

Please note that any versions created using the old (v3) version API will continue to be unusable. For example, if you had a workflow and created a second version using the previously released version of /v3/workflows/{workflowid}/versions API, and then you created a third version using the NEW /v3/workflows/{workflowid}/versions API, only the original version and the third version will be usable.

Language and Region Updates

With 2023.1, we extended the language support to the entire Alteryx Server interface available in Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Additionally, Server Help documentation is available in the supported languages. For our global users, this improves your experience by making it easier for you to access and understand Alteryx Server in your native or preferred language. For information on how to select your preferred language and region, visit the My Profile help page.

Server UI Redesign

Redesigned the Server admin and user interfaces for the pages listed below. The functionality of these pages remains the same. We made these changes within the Alteryx Server interface:

  • Login screen: This release we have given the login page a new look.
  • Admin and Home screen: Starting with this release, Curators will now see the Home (user) and Admin tabs on the top bar of the application. This change streamlines administrative tasks and improves the user experience by reducing the number of clicks required to access these important administrative features.
  • Analytic apps: When you run an analytic app, the option to name the job, set the priority, and assign a worker now appears in a pop-up window after you select the Run button. 
    • For non-chained analytic apps, the Re-Run option is only available for the last job run for workflows and analytic apps. Please note that if you refresh your browser, the Re-Run option will no longer be available.
    • For chained apps, you can navigate back and forth between tabs within each analytic app and edit the information on those tabs. However, you CAN'T navigate back to a previous app if there are multiple chained apps because that app has already been run.
  • Notifications: Redesigned the Notifications experience for admins and users. To access them, select the bell from the menu bar in the upper right corner. It also includes an unread notifications counter. The Notifications dropdown summarizes the latest notifications, including their details, and allows you to quickly view them or redirect to the asset that was updated. For more information, go to Notifications.
  • Global Search: The global search bar has moved to the top right corner of the application window to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. You can search Workflows, Insights, Districts, Pages, and we’ve added the ability to search for Collections. You can search individual or multiple asset types at a time by selecting the asset type in the filter box. You can navigate through the search results using the pagination at the bottom of the page. For more information, go to Search for Assets.
    Additionally, we replaced Lucene search with a custom search provider. This improves search accuracy, expands search capabilities, and provides more thorough search results across the entire Server, while delivering equal or better performance. With this change, the AlteryxGallery_Lucene database and schema are now obsolete. See AlteryxGallery_Lucene MongoDB Schema for specific changes.
  • Links: To find the Community and help page links, as well as API documentation for users with API access, select the question mark icon at the top right corner of the navigation bar.

These UI changes should improve your user experience with Alteryx and make it easier and more intuitive for you to stay on top of important updates and changes.

Block DCM Connections from Syncing from Server to Designer 

As an admin, you can now block the DCM connections synchronization from Server to Designer and from Designer to Server for the entire environment. This feature is useful to ensure that DCM connections in production environments connected to production data sets are not used to create new workflows in Designer. With this feature, you can restrict access to DCM connections for data sets in production environments, while allowing users to sync DCM connections between Server and Designer in development or test environments. To disable sync, go to System Settings > DCM and select the checkbox Block DCM Connections Synchronization between Server and Designer. To allow the synchronization, leave the checkbox unselected. For more information, go to DCM - Server

Allow Access to Workflows Without Shared Credentials

Added a new feature under Admin > Settings > Configuration > Assets. To allow users to run workflows they have access to, without access to shared credentials, enable the Allow Access to Workflows Without Shared Credentials setting. 

When enabled, users can create Designer workflows using Server connections and data sets shared with them. Similarly, analysts (non-admins) can run workflows using those connections. However, users cannot use those connections for other purposes or data sets. Visit the Alteryx Server Settings help page for more information.

Unique Connection Strings for Workers

Added the ability for each worker to define how it connects to the database. Remote worker nodes can optionally set a connection string independently from the controller. This allows a worker to set their own options or credentials. 

Worker nodes can now connect directly to MongoDB using an override connection string defined within runtimesettings.xml. This string differs from the controller connection string and other worker connection strings.​ It allows the worker to use a configurable connection when communicating directly with MongoDB so that workers can use unique credentials that admins can audit. Currently all connections are either sent through the controller or use the same connection the controller has.

For more information, visit the MongoDB Advanced Connection Strings help page.

Update of the Server UI Page in Alteryx System Settings

We updated Alteryx System Settings to put emphasize the Default Run Mode setting. You can now find this setting at the top of the Server UI > General page instead of at the bottom. We also updated the help information for this setting to clarify what this setting does and why it is important. For more information, go to Server UI

jQuery Removed

We’ve completely removed jQuery v1.9 from Alteryx Server interface.


Fixed and Known Issues


Major Release Version 2023.1.1.123

ID Description Version Issue Status



Users are not shown in the Add User dropdown of Data Connections when the username consists of Japanese characters only. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed



Open Workflow From the Server UI window immediately exits. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TGAL-6749 When you update the Account Lockout Time under Admin > Settings > Configuration > Security, the Account Lockout Time value is reset to default after reloading this page.  2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TGAL-6751 Admin login page using SAML doesn't display the SAML login screen. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TGAL-6754 When you replace a workflow with another workflow, the version tracking doesn’t work if both workflows were uploaded via the API or from the Admin Server UI. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TGAL-6756 When a user  with Curator (admin) rights attempts to use the Replace Workflow button to replace a Designer-uploaded workflow with an API or Admin UI-uploaded workflow, the user gets an error.  2023.1.1.123 Fixed



The PUT /v3/schedules/{id} endpoint fails when updating a custom schedule using Last in the Days parameter.  2023.1.1.123 Fixed


The connection is only shared with direct members of the User group on Alteryx Server, not with members of the AD group that is part of this User group on Alteryx Server. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TGAL-6794 When you save a new version of a workflow that already has a schedule, the new version runs only once and then the schedule switches back to the previous version of the workflow. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TGAL-6807 If the pre-migration process is interrupted, the created files are not deleted after the premigration is completed successfully. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TGAL-6825 The Migration Prep Tool accepts multiple inputs on the initial prompt for input, reading them in sequence. Thus “yy” can approve multiple commands without the user’s knowledge. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TGAL-6836 When a workflow is added via the v3 API endpoint and is public,  the DateMadePublic attribute is not being populated.  2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TGAL-6909 Corrected an issue where the installer wasn't recognizing the version of MongoDB properly during an upgrade if a patch had been applied to update MongoDB from 4.2.15 to 4.2.22. This caused the installer to incorrectly report an error indicating the user was attempting to upgrade from an unsupported version of MongoDB.     2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TGAL-6916 When editing a schedule via the PUT to /v3/schedules/id endpoint, it fails with the error "This workflow requires credentials".  2023.1.1.123 Fixed



Server Admin interface: When you try to delete a workflow as an admin, the snackbar message "Workflow deleted" appears, but the same workflow reappears in the list. If you try to delete it again, you will see a red error banner stating that it failed to delete. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed



The POST admin/v1/workflows/ endpoint breaks the ability to run a workflow if this workflow has a different name than the originally uploaded workflow.  2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TGAL-7009 When using the POST /v3/workflows endpoint, the sourceAppId argument behaves improperly - it doesn't work as an overwrite. Each time it's called, even if the sourceAppId doesn't change, it creates a new workflow and returns a new unique id. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TGAL-7017 Anonymous users (not logged in) are unable to run public workflows even when the “Unregistered Users Can Run Workflow on the Homepage” setting has been enabled. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TGAL-7036 Addressed a potential race condition when retrieving a key. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed



For the workflows which are changed to public, the date is not displayed in the table in the column Made Public under Admin > Workflows. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed



The Limited Availability 2022.3 Server workflows fail to re-upload after encryption.  2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TGAL-7080 Unable to delete user via API.     2023.1.1.123 Fixed



Users cannot add a new data connection for Microsoft SQL Server with Windows Authentication via Server admin interface. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TGAL-7350 Workflow revisions display as version 0 in the Server UI.  2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TGAL-7411 Admin credentials: Unable to create credentials in FIPS environment. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TGAL-7425 Unable to create DCM Credential, DCM Vaults, and DCM Data Source in FIPS environment.  2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TGAL-7785 Designer can’t connect directly to a remote controller to create or manage schedules (Desktop Automation/Scheduler). 2023.1.1.123 Fixed



Output messages on Analytics Apps run in Server are not being displayed correctly. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed



When you edit a weekly schedule in 2022.1, it selects all days instead of the days you had previously selected. Also, the "No ending date" checkbox is not prepopulated. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed



Sidebar: My Workspace tab item is not getting highlighted when selected, while being actually active. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed



Server UI/UX Improvements: Menu items are not translated to Japanese.  2023.1.1.123 Fixed



Server UI/UX Improvements: "Asset Management" message is not translated.  2023.1.1.123 Fixed



Server UI/UX Improvements: Excerpt text in Districts > Create District has an editing issue. When you add a character to the middle of the text, the cursor automatically goes back to the end of the text. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TPRI-933 In versions 2021.4+, only the workflow owner and curators can access Workflow Settings. In the previous releases, all users with access to the workflow could access Workflow Settings. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TPRI-935 Unable to add Users to a Subscription on a Server configured for Windows Authentication. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TPRI-1071 When you attempt to run a version of a workflow other than the latest (most current version), the workflow is not being run correctly. Server is not sending the correct version to be run. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed
TPRI-1487 When owners of a workflow or app manually run a workflow in Server immediately after changing the published version to a version that differs from the latest (or newest) version of that workflow, Server will run the published version on the first manual run as opposed to the latest version. Subsequent manual runs will execute the latest version as expected. 2023.1.1.123 Fixed


Major Release Version 2023.1.1.123

ID Description Version Issue Status



Regression issue: PCXML previews are not rendering URLs in Server 2022.3+.  2023.1.1.123 Known



Server UI Error on Japanese, Chinese, French, and Italian Operating Systems: An HTTP 500 error displays when you open the Server UI (for example, HTTP500 Internal Server Error: Cannot show this web page.) To work around this issue, change the language setting on the non-English operating system to English and install Alteryx Server. Change the language back to your preferred language after installation. 2023.1.1.123 Known



App re-run functionality is failing for Map tool. 2023.1.1.123 Known



Daylight Saving Time (DST) alters future interval scheduling of jobs/workflows. They are being pushed to the top of the hour when scheduled during the DST window of 2AM - 2:59AM. For more information about the DST change, visit Schedules: Time Zone Support 2023.1.1.123 Known



Daylight Saving Time (DST) is causing schedules to run at incorrect time in Server - schedules are shifted an hour forward or backward during the Daylight Saving Time. For more information about the DST change, visit Schedules: Time Zone Support. 2023.1.1.123 Known



Server API V3: Setting “application/xml” or “text/xml” in the Accept header of the API request returns an error or does not return the results in the XML format. 2023.1.1.123 Known
TGAL-6852 Insights are not rendering on multi-node environments. When you open an insight and run a workflow in Designer and then want to publish it in Server UI, the URL link shows that the insight is not rendering and an error message is displayed.  2023.1.1.123 Known
TGAL-6964 When you re-run a Chained App on Server with the Re-Run button, the first app in the chain is shown instead of the last app in the chain. Before the fix to the Re-Run button, the last app in the chain was displayed and changes could only be made to the final app. 2023.1.1.123 Known



When you add or delete insights, the results counter is displaying incorrect count in the table.  2023.1.1.123 Known
TGAL-7677 Global search fails if the workflow / insight / districts / collection name contains special characters. 2023.1.1.123 Known
TGAL-7825 Insights might not render in multi-node environments and display the message "Error rendering insight. If this problem persists, please contact your Systems Administrator." To work around this issue, please ensure the Insights worker is enabled on your controller. 2023.1.1.123 Known
TGAL-7846 When Administrators upload workflows using the "+New" button in the Admin UI, workflows are not being validated as they were in previous versions of Server. 2023.1.1.123 Known
TPRI-1298 The View in Browser functionality is breaking from Designer after saving the workflow to Server due to a problem with token-based authentication. 2023.1.1.123 Known
TPRI-1320 Admin Jobs page is empty with no tabs. When a job is kicked off in Server, the job doesn't automatically appear on the Admin Jobs page in real time. In order for the job to appear, you must manually refresh the page to see the new job added to the queue.  2023.1.1.123 Known



The table height on the Admin Subscriptions page doesn't adjust automatically. 2023.1.1.123 Known
TPRI-1481 Link and Image Properties options under Admin > Pages and Admin > Districts are not localized. 2023.1.1.123 Known
TPRI-1492 App re-run button displays on job runs other than the latest job run.  2023.1.1.123 Known



System messages do not appear when first logging in to Server. 2023.1.1.123 Known



Regression issue: PCXML previews are not rendering URLs in Server 2022.3+.  2023.1.1.123 Known


Security Updates


Major Release Version 2021.

ID Description Version Issue Status
TGAL-2207 To be disclosed.* 2023.1 Fixed

*In accordance with security best practices and to prevent potential manipulation by bad actors, Alteryx does not disclose the details of any open vulnerability until all supported versions are updated with a fix. More information will be made available once the vulnerability has been fixed for all supported versions known to be affected.  


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