Save Designer Usage Data

Alteryx collects usage data each time a user runs a workflow or uses Search in Designer. This data can be used to track user activity in Alteryx, or monitor and prevent user activity within certain tool categories. The data may also help identify and connect users performing similar processes in Alteryx. In Designer, within User Settings, you can choose to send tool usage data to Alteryx as a part of the Alteryx user experience program.

You can also choose to collect and save Designer usage data using the RuntimeSettings.xml. Usage data is saved to the same location where your Gallery is installed. To collect and save usage data, add the following XML options to a <Designer> child node within <SystemSettings> in the RuntimeSettings.xml (C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\RuntimeSettings.xml). This option must be enabled for each Designer installation.

<PhoneHomeUrl>[INSERT GALLERY URL]</PhoneHomeUrl>