DataRobot Predict Tool Icon

DataRobot Predict Tool

Use the DataRobot Predict tool to score data using predictive models generated by DataRobot.
AB Analysis Tool Icon

AB Analysis Tool

Compares the percentage change in a performance measure to the same measure at a different time.
AB Controls Tool Icon

AB Controls Tool

Matches one to ten control units to each member of a set of previously selected test units
AB Treatments Tool Icon

AB Treatments Tool

The AB Treatments tool assists you in determining which group is the best fit for AB testing.
AB Trend Tool Icon

AB Trend Tool

Creates measures of patterns that can be used to match treatment to control units for A/B testing.
Action Tool Icon

Action Tool

The Action tool updates the configuration of a workflow with values provided by interface questions.
Adobe Analytics Tool Icon

Adobe Analytics Tool

The Adobe Analytics tool authenticates to the Adobe Analytics report suites (to which you have access) and generates ad hoc reports.
Allocate Append Tool Icon

Allocate Append Tool

Append demographic fields from an existing Allocate installation.
Allocate Input Tool Icon

Allocate Input Tool

Pick geographies and data variables from any Allocate dataset installed on your system.
Allocate Metainfo Tool Icon

Allocate Metainfo Tool

Return pertinent information about installed Allocate Datasets.
Allocate Report Tool Icon

Allocate Report Tool

Retrieve and run any pre-formatted or custom report associated with Allocate.
Amazon S3 Download Tool Icon

Amazon S3 Download Tool

The Amazon S3 Download tool will retrieve data stored in the cloud.
Amazon S3 Upload Tool Icon

Amazon S3 Upload Tool

The Amazon S3 Upload tool will transfer data from Alteryx to the cloud.
Anaaplan Tool

Anaplan Input Tool

Read data stored in Anaplan into Designer.
Anaaplan Tool

Anaplan Output Tool

Write data from Designer to Anaplan.
Apache Spark Code Tool Icon

Apache Spark Code Tool

Create an Apache Spark context and executes Apache Spark commands directly from Designer.
API Output Tool Icon

API Output Tool

Display a data stream in the Results window as a comma-delimited, quote-qualified string.
Append Cluster Tool Icon

Append Cluster Tool

Appends the cluster assignments from a K-Centroids Cluster Analysis Tool to a data stream.
Purple square with two white cogs, one of which contains a plus sign.

Append Fields Tool

This tool adds fields of a small input (Source) to every record of another larger input (Target).
ARIMA Tool Icon


Estimates a time series forecasting model, either as a univariate model or one with covariates.
Orange polygon containing one grouping of two circles and two triangles followed by another grouping of the same shapes rearranged in a different order.

Arrange Tool

This tool helps you manually transpose and rearrange your data fields for presentation purposes.
Assisted Modeling tool icon

Assisted Modeling Tool

Use the Assisted Modeling tool to create a machine-learning pipeline.
Magnifying glass over a rain drop and umbrella symbol

Association Analysis Tool

The Association Analysis tool determines which fields in a database have a bivariate association.

Australia/New Zealand Geocoder Tool

Auto Field Tool Icon

Auto Field Tool

Set the field type to the smallest possible size relative to the data contained within the column.
Auto Insights Uploader Tool Icon

Auto Insights Uploader Tool

The Auto Insights Uploader tool allows you to send data directly from Designer to Alteryx Auto Insights.
Automation Anywhere Tool

Automation Anywhere 360 Tool

Run Automation Anywhere bots in Designer.
AutoML Tool Icon


Use AutoML as part of a machine learning pipeline to automatically build a model of your data.


Generate or read barcodes.
Base64 Encoder Tool Icon

Base64 Encoder Tool

Issue a base 64 encoded string for a selected string field.
Basic Data Profile Tool Icon

Basic Data Profile Tool

The Basic Data Profile tool analyzes data and provides metadata for each column (field) of data.
Behavior Metainfo Tool Icon

Behavior Metainfo Tool

Return pertinent information about installed Behavior Analysis datasets.
Blob Convert Tool Icon

Blob Convert Tool

Convert different data types to a Blob or take a Blob and convert it to a different data type.
Blob Input Tool Icon

Blob Input Tool

Read a Blob such as an image by browsing directly to a file or passing a list of files to read.
Blob Output Tool Icon

Blob Output Tool

Write out each record into its own file.
Block Until Done Tool Icon

Block Until Done Tool

This tool stops datasets from going downstream until the last record was processed by previous tools
Boosted Model Tool Icon

Boosted Model Tool

Boosted Model creates generalized boosted regression models based on Gradient Boosting methods.

Box Input Tool

The Box Input tool to read the data stored in your Box workspace.

Box Output Tool

The Box Output tool to write the data to your Box workspace.
Blue icon with binoculars.

Browse In-DB Tool

The Browse In-DB tool lets you view your data at any point in an In-DB workflow.
The Browse icon is a set of binoculars.

Browse Tool

The Browse tool displays data from a connected tool as well much more.
Green icon with outlined shape.

Buffer Tool

This tool takes any polygon or polyline spatial object and expands or contracts its extents.
Build Features Tool Icon

Build Features

Use Build Features to create features and establish relationships between data in separate tables.
Business Match Tool Icon

Business Match Tool

The Dun & Bradstreet Business File Match tool helps users match their customer or prospect file to the Dun & Bradstreet business file.
Calgary Cross Count Append Tool Icon

Calgary Cross Count Append Tool

Take an input file and append counts to records that join to a Calgary database.
Calgary Cross Count Tool Icon

Calgary Cross Count Tool

Aggregate data across multiple Calgary database fields to return a count per record group.
Calgary Input Tool Icon

Calgary Input Tool

Enables users to query a Calgary database.
Calgary Join Tool Icon

Calgary Join Tool

Take an input file and perform joins against a Calgary database.
Calgary Loader Tool Icon

Calgary Loader Tool

Create a Calgary database (*.cydb) from any type of Input file.
Canada Geocoder tool icon

Canada Geocoder Tool

The Canada Geocoder tool uses the Geocoding suite of products in Designer, including the CASS tool and Street Geocoder tool, to geocode a customer file.
CASS Tool Icon


Take the input address file and check it against the USPS Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS).
Check Box Tool Icon

Check Box Tool

The Check Box tool displays a check box option to the end user in an app or macro.
Classification tool icon

Classification Tool

Use the Classification tool to identify what category a target belongs to.
Cluster Code Tool Icon

Cluster Code Tool

Append a Cluster Code field to a stream of records using a Cluster Level ID.
Cognitive Services Text Analytics Tool Icon

Cognitive Services Text Analytics Tool

Perform sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction, and language detection
Blue speech bubble with square white speech bubble containing three periods.

Comment Tool

The Comment tool adds annotation to the project workspace.
Compare Behavior Tool Icon

Compare Behavior Tool

Analyze two Profile sets, comparing one against the other.
Condition Tool Icon

Condition Tool

The Condition tool tests for entered values and returns either true or false.
Blue icon with database being plugged in.

Connect In-DB Tool

The Connect In-DB tool creates an in-database connection in a workflow.

Connect JSON Builder

Used in metadata loaders for generating a JSON for Connect API v2.0.

Connect Output

The Connect Output v2.0 tool is used in metadata loaders to send metadata to the Connect API v2.0.
Contingency Table Tool Icon

Contingency Table Tool

Contingency Table tool looks at up to four variables/fields and how they relate to each other.
Control Container Tool Icon

Control Container Tool

Use Control Containers to manage the sequence in which tools run in your workflow and ensure that the steps in your process are executed in the correct order.
Control Parameter Tool Icon

Control Parameter Tool

A Control Parameter is the input for each iteration of a Batch Macro.
Orange polygon containing a white handheld click counter.

Count Records Tool

The Count Records tool returns a count of the number of records passing through the tool.
Count Regression Tool Icon

Count Regression Tool

Creates a model relating non-negative integer value field to fields expected as predictor variables.
Green shape with navigation pointer flag in the middle.

Create Points Tool

The Create Points tool creates a point-type spatial object using latitude and longitude.
Create Profile Tool Icon

Create Profile Tool

Take an incoming data stream and constructs a Behavior Profile from its contents.
Create Samples Tool Icon

Create Samples Tool

Split the input records into two or three random samples.
Orange polygon containing a white box with vertically stacked rows followed by an arrow pointing to another box of rows placed in a horizontal row.

Cross Tab Tool

The Cross Tab tool moves vertical data fields onto a horizontal axis and summarizes data.
Cross-Validation Tool Icon

Cross-Validation Tool

Compares the performance of one+ Alteryx-generated predictive models using cross-validation.
Data Cleansing Tool Icon

Data Cleansing Tool

Fix common data quality issues including nulls and unwanted characters. Modify case.
Data Health Tool Icon

Data Health

Use Data Health to check on the health of your data.
Blue icon with a stream-like object flowing into a database.

Data Stream In Tool

This tool brings data from Designer into the In-DB workflow.
Blue icon with a stream-like object flowing out of a database.

Data Stream Out Tool

The Data Stream Out tool streams data from an In-DB workflow out to Designer.
DataRobot Automodel Tool Icon

DataRobot Automodel Tool

Uploads data to the DataRobot machine learning platform that creates predictive models.
Dataverse Icon

Dataverse Input Tool

Read data stored in a Dataverse table into Designer.
Dataverse Icon

Dataverse Output Tool

Use the Microsoft Dataverse Output tool to write data from Designer into Dataverse table.
Date Time Now Tool Icon

Date Time Now Tool

Returns the Date and Time at the workflow runtime, and converts the value into string format.
Date Tool Icon

Date Tool

The Date tool displays a calendar in app or macro for the end user to specify a date value.
Green hexagon with a white calendar and clock in the middle.

DateTime Tool

The DateTime tool transforms DateTime data to and from a variety of formats.

DCM Connection Tool

Allows to pick a Connection from DCM storage.
Decision Tree Tool Icon

Decision Tree Tool

Creates a set of if-then split rules to optimize model creation criteria.
Deploy Tool Icon

Deploy Tool

Integrates with Promote, a platform for deploying, managing, and scaling predictive models.
Detail Fields Tool Icon

Detail Fields Tool

Returns detailed field information at the Cluster or Group level specific to the Profile.
Detour End Tool Image

Detour End Tool

The Detour End tool unifies the data processes from an upstream Detour Tool into a single stream for further analysis in Analytic Apps and Macros.
Detour Tool Icon

Detour Tool

Construct Analytic Apps or Macros, to prompt a user to bypass a process in a in a workflow
Directory Tool Icon

Directory Tool

Return a listing of all the files in a specified directory as well as other pertinent information.
Green icon with measuring device inside.

Distance Tool

The Distance tool helps to calculate distances using many different methods.
Distribution Analysis Tool Icon

Distribution Analysis Tool

Fit one or more distributions to the input data and compare them based on Goodness-of-Fit* statistic
Download Tool Icon

Download Tool

Retrieves data from a specified URL to be used in downstream processing or to be saved to a file.
Drop Down Tool

Drop Down Tool

The Drop Down tool displays a single selection list in an app or macro to an end user.
Blue icon showing an input into a database.

Dynamic Input In-DB Tool

This tool allows fields from a standard data stream to be input back into an In-DB data stream.
Dynamic Input Tool

Dynamic Input Tool

The Dynamic Input tool reads from an input database at runtime and dynamically chooses what records are read in.
Blue icon showing an output from a database.

Dynamic Output In-DB Tool

This tool outputs information about the In-DB workflow to a standard workflow for Predictive In-DB.
Dynamic Rename tool

Dynamic Rename Tool

The Dynamic Rename tool renames columns within an input data stream.
Dynamic Replace tool

Dynamic Replace Tool

The Dynamic Replace tool allows the user to quickly replace data field values, based on a condition.
Dynamic Select Tool Icon

Dynamic Select Tool

The Dynamic Select tool allows fields to be selected either by field type or via a formula.
Dynamics CRM Input Tool Icon

Dynamics CRM Input Tool

Read data from entities stored in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM instance to your Alteryx workflow.
Dynamics CRM Output Tool Icon

Dynamics CRM Output Tool

Write data from your Alteryx workflow to entities stored in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM instance.
Orange polygon with white envelope in the middle.

Email Tool

The Email tool allows you to use a data stream to send emails for each record.
Error Message Tool Icon

Error Message Tool

Displays an error message for an app or macro based on criteria in an expression.
ETS Tool Icon

ETS Tool

The ETS tool estimates a univariate time series forecasting model using an exponential smoothing met
Blue speech bubble with white cube surrounded by two crossing rings.

Explorer Box Tool

This tool displays a web page, file directory, or file in an adjustable box on the canvas.
Feature Types Tool Icon

Feature Types

Use Feature Types to automatically identify what types of features are in your data.
Field Info Tool Icon

Field Info Tool

The Field Info tool returns metadata about each field, or column, from the incoming data stream.
Field Summary Tool Icon

Field Summary Tool

The Field Summary tool analyzes data and creates a summary report containing descriptive statistics.
File Browse Tool Icon

File Browse Tool

The File Browse tool displays a file browse control in an app.
Blue icon showing light filtering through a prism.

Filter In-DB Tool

The Filter In-DB tool filters records using the native language of the database.
Filter Tool Icon

Filter Tool

Use Filter to select data using a condition. Rows of data that meet the condition are output to the True anchor.
Find Nearest Neighbors Tool Icon

Find Nearest Neighbors Tool

The Find Nearest Neighbors tool finds the selected number of nearest neighbors in the "data" stream.
Green icon with target and plot points inside.

Find Nearest Tool

Identify the shortest distance between spatial objects in one file and the objects in a second file.
Purple box with white magnifying glass and pencil.

Find Replace Tool

Use Find Replace to find a string in one column of a dataset and look up and replace it with the specified value from another dataset.
Fit tool icon

Fit Tool

Use the Fit tool to output a model. It is the final tool in a machine-learning pipeline.
Folder Browse Tool Icon

Folder Browse Tool

The Folder Browse tool displays a folder browse control in an app or macro.
Forest Model Tool Icon

Forest Model Tool

Creates a model that constructs a set of decision tree models to predict a target variable.
Blue icon with beaker full of bubbles.

Formula In-DB Tool

This tool creates or updates fields in an In-DB data stream with an expression.
Beaker with bubbling liquid

Formula Tool

The Formula Tool uses expressions to create and update columns.
Frequency Table Tool Icon

Frequency Table Tool

The Frequency Table tool helps the user understand the contents of their data.
Purple box with two similar shapes and equals signs between.

Fuzzy Match Tool

The Fuzzy Match Tool identifies non-identical duplicates of a dataset.
Gamma Regression Tool Icon

Gamma Regression Tool

Relates a gamma distributed, strictly positive variable of interest to one or more variables.
Green icon with a shape outlined in another shape that is the same general shape as the first.

Generalize Tool

This tool decreases the number of nodes that make up a polygon or polyline.
Box with rows, a plus sign and an arrow pointing downward.

Generate Rows Tool

The Generate Rows tool creates new rows of data at the record level.

Google Analytics 4 Input Tool

Read data stored in a Google Analytics 4 into Designer.
Google Analytics Tool Icon

Google Analytics Tool

Downloads data from Google Analytics to your Alteryx workflow.
Google BigQuery Input Tool Icon

Google BigQuery Input Tool

Query a table from Google BigQuery and read it into Designer.
Google BigQuery Output Tool Icon

Google BigQuery Output Tool

Write data from Designer to tables in Google BigQuery.
Google Drive Tool

Google Drive Input Tool

Read files stored in a Google Drive into Designer.
Google Drive Tool

Google Drive Output Tool

Write data from Designer to Google Drive.
Gray icon with file graphic inside

Google Sheets Input Tool

Download data from a Google Sheets spreadsheet directly into your Alteryx workflow.
gray icon with file graphic inside

Google Sheets Output Tool

Publish data from an Alteryx workflow to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.
Green icon with glob and a fire symbol inside.

Heat Map Tool

This tool uses individual records to generate polygons representing heat levels in an area..
Heat Plot Tool Icon

Heat Plot Tool

The Heat Plot tool uses a heat plot color map to show the joint distribution of two variables.
Histogram Tool Icon

Histogram Tool

The tool provides a histogram for empirical cumulative distribution of a single numeric field.
HTML - GUI Library Tool Icon

HTML - GUI Library Tool

The HTML - GUI Library tool displays a library of HTML widgets to create a GUI for a custom tool.
Image Input Tool Icon

Image Input

Use the Computer Vision tools to input, process, analyze, and then output images.
Image Output Tool Icon

Image Output

Use Image Output to save image files to a location you choose.
Image Processing Tool Icon

Image Processing

Use Image Processing to perform a number of actions on images.
Icon for the Image Profile Tool

Image Profile

Use Image Profile to extract helpful information about images.
Icon for the Image Recognition Tool

Image Recognition

Use Image Recognition to build a machine learning model that can classify images by group.
Image Template Tool Icon

Image Template

Use Image Template to create templates for images using annotations.
Image to Text Tool Icon

Image to Text

Use Image to Text to extract text from BLOB image files or to perform automatic table detection.
Orange polygon with white camera in middle.

Image Tool

The Image tool makes it possible for an image to be output in a report via the Render tool.
Importance Weights Tool Icon

Importance Weights Tool

The Importance Weight tool provides methods for selecting variables to use in a predictive model.
Imputation Tool Icon

Imputation Tool

The Imputation tool gives the user the ability to replace a values in numeric data fields.
Input Data Tool Icon

Input Data Tool

Connect to a file or database to bring data into your workflow.
Input Data Tool Icon

Input Data Tool (Classic Mode)

The Input Data tool brings data in to your workflow by connecting to a file or database.
Insight Tool Icon

Insight Tool

This tool lets you create interactive dashboards to use to gain deeper insights into your data.
Interactive Chart Tool

Interactive Chart Tool

This tool creates interactive charts for visualizing data in your workflow.
Blue shape filled with two overlapping circles.

Join In-DB Tool

This tool combines two In-DB data streams by performing an outer or inner join.
Purple box with multiple white circles on the left with lines connecting them to a single white circle in the middle that is connected to another single circle on the right.

Join Multiple Tool

This tool combines two or more inputs based on a commonality between the input tables.
Purple box with multiple white circles with lines connecting them to a single white circle in the middle.

Join Tool

Use the Join tool to combine two inputs based on a common field(s) between the two tables.
JSON Build Tool Icon

JSON Build Tool

The JSON Build tool takes the table schema of the JSON Parse Tool and builds it back into JSON.
JSON Parse tool

JSON Parse Tool

The JSON Parse tool separates Java Script Object Notation text into a table schema for the purpose of downstream processing.

Jupyter Flow

Use Jupyter Flow to manage Python environments in your workflows.
K-Centroids Cluster Analysis Tool Icon

K-Centroids Cluster Analysis Tool

K-Centroids represent a class of algorithms for doing partitioning cluster analysis.
K-Centroids Diagnostics Tool Icon

K-Centroids Diagnostics Tool

Designed to make an assessment of the appropriate number of clusters to specify given the data.
Tool Icon

Key-Value Pair Extraction

Extract keys and their associated values from image or PDF files.
Orange polygon containing a white rectangle comprised of other smaller rectangles of varying sizes and orientations.

Layout Tool

The Layout tool arranges two or more reporting snippets to output as a report via the Render tool.
Lift Chair Tool Icon

Lift Chart Tool

Produces a cumulative captured response chart and an incremental response rate chart.
Linear Regression Tool Icon

Linear Regression Tool

Creates a model estimating values, or relationships between variables.
List Box Tool

List Box Tool

Adds a list box where users can make multiple selections in an application or macro.
Logistic Regression Icon

Logistic Regression Tool

Creates a model that relates a target binary variable to one or more predictor variables.

Machine Learning Predict

Use Machine Learning Predict to use models you've built in Alteryx Machine Learning to make predictions about new data.

Machine Learning Send

Use Machine Learning Send to create or update existing projects in Alteryx Machine Learning.
White icon with an arrow pointing to a gear.

Macro Input In-DB Tool

This tool creates an In-DB input connection on a macro and populates it with placeholder values.
Macro Input Tool Icon

Macro Input Tool

The Macro Input tool sets the interface, tool configuration options, and anchors for a macro.
Macro Output In-DB Tool

Macro Output In-DB Tool

This tool creates an In-DB output connection on a macro that can be used with In-DB workflows.
Macro Output Tool Icon

Macro Output Tool

The Macro Output tool controls how output anchors display for a macro tool.
Make Columns tool

Make Columns Tool

The Make Columns tool takes rows of data and arranges them by wrapping records into multiple columns.
Green icon with grid pattern.

Make Grid Tool

This tool takes a specified spatial object and creates a grid based on the spatial object.
Purple box with squares, diamonds and circles of varying colors sorted in rows by shape.

Make Group Tool

This tool takes data relationships and assembles the data into groups based on those relationships.
Map Input Tool Icon

Map Input Tool

Draw or select a desired map object to use as an input in a workflow.
Orange polygon containing globe and two arrows pointing toward each other.

Map Legend Builder Tool

This tool takes the output from Map Legend Splitter Tool and builds them back into a legend table.
Orange polygon containing globe and two arrows pointing away from each other.

Map Legend Splitter Tool

This tool takes a legend from the Report Map Tool and splits it into its component parts.
Map Tool

Map Tool

Displays an interactive map for the end user to draw or select map objects within an app or macro.
Gray Icon with Marketo logo + gear inside

Marketo Append Tool

Retrieve records from your Marketo instance.
Marketo Input Tool Icon

Marketo Input Tool

Read Marketo records based on specific parameters
Marketo Output Tool Icon

Marketo Output Tool

Make a call to the Marketo REST API endpoint: Create/Update Leads.
MB Affinity Tool Icon

MB Affinity Tool

The MB Affinity tool takes "transaction" data and constructs a matrix.
MB Inspect Tool Icon

MB Inspect Tool

Takes rules or itemsets output of the MB Rules tool, and provides analysis of those rules.
MB Rules Tool

MB Rules Tool

Takes as input a rules or itemsets , and provides an analysis of those rules.
Message tool

Message Tool

The Message tool allows you to report messages about a specific process to the Results window.

Mexico Geocoder Tool

The Mexico Geocoder tool produces a record-for-record geocode result for Mexican addresses.
Gray icon with file folder

Microsoft Azure Data Lake File Input Tool

Read data from files located in an Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS) to your Alteryx workflow.
Gray icon with file graphic inside

Microsoft Azure Data Lake File Output Tool

Write data from your Alteryx workflow to a file located in an Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS).
Gray icon with bar graph inside

Microsoft Power BI Output Tool

Use the Power BI REST API to upload a data table from your Alteryx workflow to the Power BI web app.
Model Coefficients Tool Icon

Model Coefficients Tool

The Model Coefficients tool creates a table of model coefficient names and values.
Model Comparison Tool Icon

Model Comparison Tool

The Model Comparison tool compares the performance of one or more different predictive models.
MongoDB Input Tool Icon

MongoDB Input Tool

Read data stored in MongoDB databases.
MongoDB Output Tool Icon

MongoDB Output Tool

Write data to MongoDB databases.
Multi-Field Binning Tool Icon

Multi-Field Binning Tool

This tool allows a user to tile or bin on multiple fields.
Beaker with liquid and stir-stick.

Multi-Field Formula Tool

The Multi-Field Formula tool creates or updates multiple fields using a single expression.
Liquid drops falling into a beaker.

Multi-Row Formula Tool

This tool uses expressions to create and update columns by using row data to create formulas.
Multidimensional Scaling Tool Icon

Multidimensional Scaling Tool

Takes transaction data and, after transforming the data, creates a set of association rules.
Naive Bayes Classifier Tool Icon

Naive Bayes Classifier Tool

Creates a probabilistic classification model of a set of predictor and categorical target variables.
Tool Icon

Named Entity Recognition

Perform named entity recognition in Designer.
Nested Test Tool Icon

Nested Test Tool

Examines whether models are equivalent in terms of their predictive capabilities.
Network Analysis Tool Icon

Network Analysis Tool

Generates an interactive dashboard of a network, to explore relationships between the various nodes.
Neural Network Tool Icon

Neural Network Tool

The Neural Network tool creates a feedforward perceptron neural network model with a single hidden layer.
Green icon with a badge and a car on the badge.

Non Overlapping Drivetime Tool

This tool creates drivetime trade areas, that do not overlap, for a point file.
Numeric Up Down Tool Icon

Numeric Up Down Tool

The Numeric Up Down tool is used to display a numeric control in an app or macro.


ODBC loader is an internal Designer tool used by metadata loaders.
OneDrive Input Tool Icon

OneDrive Input Tool

Read files stored in a OneDrive instance into Designer.
OneDrive Output Tool Icon

OneDrive Output Tool

Write data from Designer to OneDrive.
Optimization Tool Icon

Optimization Tool

Solves linear programming, mixed integer linear programming, and quadratic programming.
Outlook 365 Input Tool

Outlook 365 Input Tool

Read data stored in Outlook into Designer.
Output Data Tool Icon

Output Data Tool

Use the Output Data tool to write results of a workflow to supported file types or data sources.
Orange polygon containing four paper-like squares stacked on top of one another.

Overlay Tool

This tool allows reporting snippets (maps, text, images, etc) to be placed on top of one another.
Oversample Field Tool Icon

Oversample Field Tool

This tool allows for data with high negative responses to become normalized.
Parse Address Tool Icon

Parse Address Tool

Break down any street address into its component parts, such as street number, street name, etc.

Part-of-Speech Tagger

Identify parts of speech like nouns, verbs, and adjectives from text.
PDF to Text tool icon

PDF to Text

Extract text from PDF files.
Pearson Correlation Tool Icon

Pearson Correlation Tool

The Pearson Correlation tool uses the PMCC to measure the correlation between two variables.
Plot of Means Tool Icon

Plot of Means Tool

Takes a numeric field with a categorical field and plots the mean for each of the categories.
Green icon with white hexagon inside.  That hexagon has arrows pointing to a white circle inside the hexagon.

Poly-Build Tool

This tool uses spacial point objects to draw polygons or polylines in a specific sort order.
Green icon with white hexagon inside and a circle inside the hexagon.  The circle has arrows pointing from it to the outer hexagon.

Poly-Split Tool

This tool splits polygon or polyline objects into their component point, line, or region objects.
Power Automate Icon

Power Automate Tool

Run Power Automate flows in Designer.
Predict tool icon

Predict Tool

Use the Predict tool to make predictions about new data using a machine-learning pipeline you've built.
Principal Components Tool Icon

Principal Components Tool

The Principal Components tool can reduce the dimensions (the number of numeric fields) in a database
Profile Comparison Report Tool Icon

Profile Comparison Report Tool

Take two Profile inputs and generates a comparison report.
Profile Detail Report Tool Icon

Profile Detail Report Tool

Generate a report that examines the presence of Cluster Types within a profile.
Profile Input Tool Icon

Profile Input Tool

Select a specific type of dataset known as a Profile Set to use as an input in your workflow.
Profile Output Tool Icon

Profile Output Tool

Takes data stream containing a Profile or collection of Profiles and writes out a .scd file.
Profile Rank Report Tool Icon

Profile Rank Report Tool

Take two Profile inputs (a Geography and a Product profile) and generates a rank report.
Publish to Tableau Server Tool Icon

Publish to Tableau Server Tool

Publish an Alteryx data stream as either a (.hyper) or (.tde) file.
Python SDK Example Tool Icon

Python SDK Example Tool

The Python SDK Example tool creates a unique identifier column, regardless of whether a data stream
Python tool

Python Tool

Develop and run Python scripts with an interactive Jupyter notebook.
Designer R tool

R Tool

The R tool is a code editor for R users.
Radio Button Tool Icon

Radio Button Tool

The Radio Button tool displays a radio button for an end user to select in an application or macro.
Random % Sample Tool

Random % Sample Tool

Returns a random sample of the incoming data stream.
Record ID Tool Icon

Record ID Tool

Use Record ID to create a new column in the data and assign a unique identifier, that increments sequentially, for each row in the data.
Green hexagon containing a left parenthesis, period, asterisk and right parenthesis.

RegEx Tool

The Regular Expression tool uses regular expression syntax to parse, match, or replace data.
Regression tool icon

Regression Tool

Use the Regression tool as part of a machine-learning pipeline to identify a trend.
Orange polygon containing piece of paper with a pen writing lines.

Render Tool

This tool transforms report snippets into presentation-quality reports into a variety of formats.
Orange polygon with white footprints

Report Footer Tool

The Report Footer tool allows a user to easily setup and put a footer onto their report.
Orange polygon with a profile of a person's head.

Report Header Tool

The Report Header tool allows a user to easily setup and put a header onto their report.
Orange polygon containing globe.

Report Map Tool

This tool enables the user to create a map image from the Alteryx workflow.
Orange polygon with horizontal white lines stacked on top of each other and decreasing in size from top tp bottom.

Report Text Tool

The Report Text tool creates a text element to output in a report via the Render tool.
Reverse Geocoder Tool Icon

Reverse Geocoder Tool

Coordinate latitude & longitude by querying & downloading data from the TomTom Reverse Geocoder API.
Run Command tool

Run Command Tool

The Run Command tool allows you to run external command programs within Designer.
Runner Tool Icon

Runner Tool

Use Runner to run an Alteryx workflow, app, or macro to determine if it runs successfully, or if it contains errors.
Orange polygon containing a stick figure running.

Running Total Tool

The Running Total tool calculates a cumulative sum on a numeric field per record in a file.
Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein Analytics Output Tool

The Salesforce Einstein Analytics Output Tool publishes data from an Alteryx workflow as a dataset in Einstein Analytics.
Salesforce Input Tool Icon

Salesforce Input Tool

Query your tables from and read them into Designer.
Salesforce Output Tool Icon

Salesforce Output Tool

Write to tables from Alteryx.
Salesforce Wave Output Tool Icon

Salesforce Wave Output Tool

Publish data from an Alteryx workflow as a dataset in Wave Analytics.
Blue icon with beaker pouring liquid.

Sample In-DB Tool

The Sample In-DB tool limits the In-DB stream to a number or percentage of records.
Three partially full beakers

Sample Tool

This tool limits the data stream to a specified number, percentage, or random set of the rows.
Scatterplot Tool Icon

Scatterplot Tool

The Scatterplot tool makes enhanced scatterplots, with more options.
Score Tool

Score Tool

Creates an estimate of a variable by applying an R model to a set of supplied predictor variables.
Blue icon with a checkmark selecting one of three options.

Select In-DB Tool

The Select In-DB tool selects, deselects, renames, and reorders fields in an In-DB workflow.
Blue circle with four white dots at north, south east and west. Four arrows start from the middle and point to the dots.

Select Records Tool

This tool returns records and ranges of records that are specified,
Blue circle with a white dot, a checkmark and another dot in a line.

Select Tool

The Select tool includes, excludes, and reorders the columns of data that pass through a workflow.
Icon for the Sentiment Analysis Tool

Sentiment Analysis

Use Sentiment Analysis to determine whether text data reflects positive, negative, or neutral sentiment.
Server API Tool Icon

Server API Tool

Use the Server API tool to interact with the Server API (v1, v2, and v3) without the need to write a complex workflow.
ServiceNow Input Tool Icon

ServiceNow Input

Use the ServiceNow Input to read data from ServiceNow tables.

SharePoint Input Tool

SharePoint Input Tool configuration.
SharePoint List Input Tool Icon

SharePoint List Input Tool

Read lists from SharePoint to be used as data input in a workflow.
SharePoint List Output Tool Icon

SharePoint List Output Tool

Write the content of a data stream to a SharePoint list.

SharePoint Output Tool

SharePoint Output Tool configuration
Simulation Sampling Tool Icon

Simulation Sampling Tool

Samples data parametrically from distribution, from input data, or a best fitting to a distribution.
Simulation Scoring Tool Icon

Simulation Scoring Tool

Takes a sample from an approximation of a model object error distribution.
Simulation Summary Tool Icon

Simulation Summary Tool

The Simulation Summary tool helps you visualize simulated distributions and results from operations.
Green icon containing a shape with smooth edges.

Smooth Tool

Uses a smoothing algorithm to round off the sharp angles of polygon or polyline objects.
Blue circle with three white circles inside that are in a line increasing in size from left to right.

Sort Tool

Use Sort to arrange the rows in a table in alphanumeric order based on the values of the specified data columns.
Green compass with question mark in the middle

Spatial Info Tool

The Spatial Info tool extracts tabular information about the spatial object.
Spatial Match Icon

Spatial Match Tool

Establishes the spatial relationship between two sets of spatial objects.
Spatial Process Tool Icon

Spatial Process Tool

The Spatial Process performs high-level spatial object editing from a simple, single tool.
Spearman Correlation Tool Icon

Spearman Correlation Tool

The tool assesses how well a monotonic function could describe the relationship between variables.
Spline Model Tool Icon

Spline Model Tool

The Spline Model tool provides the multivariate adaptive regression splines algorithm of Friedman.
Stepwise Tool Icon

Stepwise Tool

Determines the best predictor variables to include in a model from a set of potential variables.
Street Geocoder Tool Icon

Street Geocoder Tool

Associate geographic coordinates with input addresses
Blue icon with sigma.

Summarize In-DB Tool

This tool summarizes data by grouping, summing, counting, counting distinct fields, and more.
Orange polygon containing white sigma symbol.

Summarize Tool

The Summarize tool can conduct a host of Summary Processes.
Support Vector Machine Tool Icon

Support Vector Machine Tool

A popular set of supervised learning algorithms.
Survival Analysis Tool Icon

Survival Analysis Tool

The Survival Analysis tool implements common methods of survival analysis.
Survival Score Tool Icon

Survival Score Tool

The Survival Score tool provides both the estimated relative risk and restricted mean survival time.
Orange polygon with white table with multiple rows.

Table Tool

The Table tool creates a data or pivot table to output in a report via the Render tool.
Tableau Output Tool

Tableau Output Tool

Use the Tableau Outpurtool to create Tableau Hyper dataset and save it to Tableau server or locally.
Test of Means Tool Icon

Test of Means Tool

Performs a Welch's two sample t-test of the difference in mean values for a numeric response field.
Test Tool

Test Tool

The Test tool verifies data or processes in a workflow.
Text Box Tool Icon

Text Box Tool

The Text Box tool displays a free form text box in an app or macro.
Text Classification Tool Icon

Text Classification

Train and output a model that can categorize your text.
Text Input Tool Icon

Text Input Tool

This tool makes it possible for the user to manually type text to create small data files for input.
Icon for the Text Pre-processing Tool

Text Pre-processing

Use Text Pre-processing to clean up text data.

Text Summary

Summarize bodies of text.
Green hexagon containing white bars stacked vertically and descending in size followed by a white box with with green bars separated into two columns.

Text To Columns Tool

This tool takes text in one column and splits it into separate, multiple columns (or rows).
Throttle Tool Icon

Throttle Tool

The Throttle tool slows down the speed of downstream processing by limiting the number of records.
Blue circle with a white square in the middle that is comprised of 9 smaller squares in a 3-by-3 configuration.

Tile Tool

This tool uses user specified methods to assign a value (tile) based on ranges in the data.
Blue speech bubble with white cube containing a blue circle.

Tool Container Tool

The Tool Container tool organizes tools in a workflow.
Icon for the Topic Modeling Tool

Topic Modeling

Use Topic Modeling to identify and categorize topics in a body of text.
Trade Area Tool Icon

Trade Area Tool

Creates regions around specified point objects in the input file.
Transformation Tool icon

Transformation Tool

Use the Transformation tool to perform a number of data-prep tasks needed for machine learning.
Transpose In-DB Tool Icon

Transpose In-DB Tool

The Transpose In-DB tool allows you to pivot the orientation of a data table in an In-DB workflow.
Orange polygon containing a white box of orange rows placed in a horizontal row followed by an arrow pointing to a box with vertically stacked rows.

Transpose Tool

The Transpose tool allows you to pivot the orientation of the data table.
Tree Tool

Tree Tool

The Tree tool displays an organized, hierarchical data structure in an app or macro.
TS Compare Tool Icon

TS Compare Tool

Compares one or more time series models created with either the ARIMA Tool or ETS Tool.
TS Covariate Forecast Tool Icon

TS Covariate Forecast Tool

The TS Covariate Forecast tool provides forecasts from an ARIMA model estimated using covariates.
TS Filler Tool Icon

TS Filler Tool

Time Series Filler tool takes a data stream of time series data and fills in any gaps in the series.
TS Forecast Factory Tool Icon

TS Forecast Factory Tool

The TS Forecast Factory tool provides forecasts from groups of either ARIMA or ETS models.
TS Forecast Tool Icon

TS Forecast Tool

The TS Forecast tool provides forecasts from a model created with either the ARIMA Tool or ETS Tool.
TS Model Factory Tool Icon

TS Model Factory Tool

Estimates time series forecasting models for multiple groups at once using the ARIMA or ETS methods.
TS Plot Tool Icon

TS Plot Tool

The TS Plot tool provides a number of different univariate time series plots.
Blue icon with a double helix.

Union In-DB Tool

This tool combines two or more In-DB data streams with similar data structures.
Purple box with white double helix.

Union Tool

The Union tool appends multiple data streams into one unified stream.
Blue circle with white snowflake inside.

Unique Tool

This tool distinguishes whether a data record is unique or a duplicate based on specified fields.
US Geocoder Tool Icon

US Geocoder Tool

Use the CASS Tool, Street Geocoder Tool, or US ZIP9 Coder Tool to geocode a customer file.
US ZIP9 Coder Tool Icon

US ZIP9 Coder Tool

Associate geographic coordinates with input ZIP9 codes to carry out geography-based analyses.
Variance Inflation Factors Tool Icon

Variance Inflation Factors Tool

The Variance Inflation Factor (VIF) tool produces a coefficient summary report.
Violin Plot Tool Icon

Violin Plot Tool

The tool shows a numeric variable's distribution, density of the distribution and density of values.
Visual Layout tool

Visual Layout Tool

The Visual Layout tool brings together reporting elements so they can be arranged on a page and output in a report via the Render tool.
Orange polygon containing a X with a line over it.

Weighted Average Tool

This tool calculates the weighted average of an incoming data field.
Icon for the Word Cloud Tool

Word Cloud

Use Word Cloud to visualize text data.
Blue icon with floppy disk.

Write Data In-DB Tool

Use the In-DB stream to create or update a table directly in the database.
XML Parse Tool

XML Parse Tool

Use XML Parse tool to parse Extensible Markup Language (XML) into individual fields.