The Interface category includes tools used to design user interface elements for apps and macros.

Action Tool: The Action tool updates the values of development tools with the values from the interface questions at runtime.

Check Box Tool: The Check Box tool displays a check box option in an app.

Condition Tool: The Condition Tool tests for the presence of user selections and returns either a true or false result.

Control Parameter Tool: The Control Parameter tool configures a control parameter input for each iteration of a batch macro.

Date Tool: The Date tool displays a calendar in app.

Drop Down Tool: The Drop Down tool displays a single selection list in an app.

Error Message Tool: The Error Message tool displays an error message for an app or macro based on criteria in an expression.

File Browse Tool: The File Browse tool displays a file browse control in an app to read an input or write an output.

Folder Browse Tool: The Folder Browse tool displays a folder browse control in an app. This Interface tool is not supported for running apps in the Alteryx Analytics Gallery

List Box Tool: The List Box tool displays a multi-selection check box list in an app.

Macro Input Tool: The Macro Input tool creates an input connection on a macro.

Macro Output Tool: The Macro Output tool creates an output connection on a macro.

Map Tool: The Map tool displays an interactive map for the user to draw or select map objects in an app.

Numeric Up Down Tool: The Numeric Up Down tool displays a numeric control in an app.

Radio Button Tool: The Radio Button tool displays a mutually exclusive option in an app.

Text Box Tool: The Text Box tool displays a free form text box in an app.

Tree Tool: The Tree tool displays an organized, hierarchal data structure in an app.