What's New & Release Notes

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License Server Activation

Users are now able to activate Alteryx products offline from behind a firewall by using Alteryx License Server. Alteryx License Server is an additional licensing product that can be installed locally by an organization's license administrator and used in addition to or alongside the standard Alteryx licensing system. Since the license keys are activated on the license server itself, users can activate offline and without having to use a license key. See Activate Alteryx.

Data Sources


  • The Interactive Chart tool lets you create popular chart types to visualize data in your workflow. The chart generated by the tool can be added to a report using the Visual Layout tool, output as different file types using the Render tool, or published to a dashboard using the Insight tool. The Interactive Chart tool replaces the existing Charting tool, which has been deprecated. Workflows that use the Charting tool will still be able to function, but Alteryx recommends updating workflows to use the new Interactive Chart tool. See Interactive Chart Tool.

  • The Insight tool lets you create interactive dashboards to use to gain deeper insights into your data. You can create and arrange multiple charts and text elements on the dashboard, create filters for viewing specific data, and create drilldowns to let you change the detail level of data displayed. When you use the filters and drilldowns to view data, all related charts in the insight dynamically update. The insight can be published to a Gallery for others to view. See Insight Tool.

  • The Python tool with Jupyter Notebook integration is an embedded IDE that allows you to run Python code directly in Designer. See Python Tool.
  • The Email tool has improved security by removing automatically detected SMTP. See Email Tool.
  • The Apache Spark Code tool now supports Microsoft Azure HDInsight. See Apache Spark Code Tool.
  • The Salesforce Input tool was updated. In the Query Builder Output Fields, when you do not select any fields to retrieve from the table, the query now returns no fields instead of all fields. See Salesforce Input Tool.

Additional Enhancements

  • You can right-click a tool to cache the data stream up to that tool. See Build Workflows.
  • You can use Windows Authentication with Connect assets. See Use Connect Assets.
  • While saving a workflow to Alteryx Server Private Gallery, you can assign the workflow to run on a specific worker, if you have been given worker assignment permission. See Workflow Management.