Field Info Tool

The Field Info tool returns metadata about each field, or column, from the incoming data stream. When paired with the Test Tool and Block Until Done Tool, the Field Info tool can validate a correct schema before scheduled processing is run.

You do not need to configure this tool.

The output of this tool resembles the metadata tab of the results window. See Results Window. For each column of input data, the following information is returned:

  • Name: The name of the column.
  • Type: The data type of the column.
  • Size: The size of the largest data item within the column.
  • Scale: The digits of precision following the decimal. Only valid with Fixed Decimal data types.
  • Source: The source tool or file the column came from. Source may also contain additional information when the source is a particular dataset, such as Allocate, CASS, Geocoder, or a tool that utilizes drivetime calculations.
  • Description: Information associated with the column. Description may not contain information unless you add field descriptions or if the data is from a dataset that contains associated descriptions, such as Allocate.

These columns are output, even if there are no records in the incoming data stream.