Filter Tool

The Filter tool queries records by using an expression and splits data into two outputs: True, where the data meets the specified criteria, and False, where the data does not meet the specified criteria.

Use this tool to identify records in your data that meet a specified criteria. You may choose to handle records that come from the True output differently than the False output by connecting additional tools to the workflow on either side.

Configure the tool

Known limitation: large number handling

Numbers with more than 15 digits need to be treated as strings, or they lose their precision. Set the field type to a string using the Select Tool.

Select the type of filter to use.

  • Basic filter: Use the basic filter to quickly build a simple query on a single column of data.
  • Custom filter: Use the custom filter to build a more complex expression or to query from multiple fields in the data stream.

Because this tool includes an expression editor, an additional input anchor displays when the tool is used in an app or macro workflow. Use the Interface tools to connect to a Question anchor. See Interface Tools.