User Settings

The User Settings window contains options for configuring workflow appearance and system resource usage to optimize performance.

System resource usage can be configured in three different areas: User Settings, System Settings, and Workflow Configuration. Settings configured in User Settings override settings in System Settings, and settings in Workflow Properties override settings in User Settings and System Settings.

To edit settings, click through the tabs and edit settings as desired, then click Apply.

The Defaults tab lists the Alteryx default runtime settings. The System Settings section shows settings configured in System Settings.

On the Dataset Defaults tab, you can set your default datasets for all tools that require an installed dataset. When the tool uses a dataset, the dataset you selected will be used. If you have not installed a dataset, you will not have an option to select.

The Canvas tab lists the settings that control the appearance of items on the canvas including the workflow background, tool connections, and annotations.

The Advanced tab lists settings related to memory usage which affects program performance.