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AWS Terms

Terminology applicable to Designer Cloud.


This list is not comprehensive.

These terms apply to Amazon Web Services, where the Alteryx Analytics Cloud can be hosted.


Short for Amazon Web Services, AWS is a cloud-based platform for developing and deploying applications.


Single-Sign On service provided by AWS.


Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web-based service for running applications in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud. The Alteryx Analytics Cloud can be deployed from an EC2 instance.


Short for Elastic Map Reduce, EMR is a Hadoop-based platform purpose built to manage large datasets on AWS.


Metadstore for Hive datasets, which can be used as a source of imported datasets.


An identify and access management (IAM) role defines a set of permissions for making AWS requests. Trusted entities assume roles, like IAM users, applications, or AWS services.

IAM role

An IAM role is an IAM entity that defines a set of permissions that define the scope of service requests. The Alteryx Analytics Cloud can use IAM roles for enabling access to AWS-based resources controlled by the enterprise.


A policy is a statement that maps a set of permissions to a set of one or more resources. A policy statement can be assigned to a role, which enables users who are assigned the role to access the resources based on the policy definition. These policies are evaluated when an IAM principal (role or user) makes a request for services.


Amazon Relational Database System (RDS) is a relational database management system available in the AWS cloud, The databases required by the Alteryx Analytics Cloud can be installed on Amazon RDS.


A hosted data warehouse solution available through AWS. The Alteryx Analytics Cloud can connect to Redshift databases.


Simple Storage Service (S3) is an online storage service provided by AWS. The Alteryx Analytics Cloud can use S3 as the backend storage system or can integrate with it as secondary storage.

Secrets Manager

AWS Secrets Manager is a secure and convenient storage system for API keys, passwords, certificates, and other sensitive data.