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Understand Connect

Alteryx Connect helps you explore your company's data by providing important metadata information, such as the author or location, or social information, such as use frequency or related data. To begin using Connect, see Contribute to Data or Search for Data.

Key Terms

Data: The untouched collections of figures your company possesses, such as a database.

Information: Data that has been organized and given context, such as a report.

Metadata: Information about information and data, such as the author and time of writing.

Loader: A tool to load data, regardless of location or format, into Connect. A number of loaders are available for more-widely used servers and database systems. Additionally, Connect provides the steps for creating personalized loaders using the Metadata Loader SDK.Build Connect Loaders: Connect SDK

Asset: A single information item. Connect supports a variety of asset types that can be reached by selecting the asset catalog from the home page.

  • Analytic workflow: A collection of Alteryx Designer workflows, which allow users to drag and drop different tools to prepare, blend, and analyze their data.

  • Report: A collection of all the reports available within your company.

  • Data source: A collection of the resources your company uses to house data, such as databases, file systems, or third-party applications.

  • Glossary: A collection of the standard definitions of terms and acronyms used by your company.

  • People: A collection of the Connect users in your company, containing information such as address, phone number, and job title, as well as enabling the assignment of folder or group.

  • Virtual folder: A collection of content with a common attribute listed in one location.

For more information, see Understand Assets.