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DT_CAN_US3_71x71.png US and Canada Drivetime Tool

Use US and Canada Drivetime to calculate the drive time polygons between 2 spatial objects (points) in the US or in Canada. Both US and Canada drive time datasets must be installed to use this tool.

If you use DriveTime, go to Guzzler Drivetime Methodology for more information.

Configure the Tool

  1. Select the spatial object (point) field from the input data source.

  2. Choose to draw the trade area extent using a specific value or a field value from the input data source.

    • Specific Value: Each incoming point has the user-entered value as its drivetime polygon.

      • Eliminate Overlap: When checked, the resulting polygons don't overlap. The overlap area is split into grids, and the grids closest to each point remain in that point's polygon.

        • Specify the grid size to assign overlap. The smaller the grid size, the more accurate the polygons are. The workflow also takes longer to run.

        • Thresholds are: minimum=0.1 miles, maximum=5 miles, and accepts increments of 0.25 miles. The default is 0.25 miles.

    • Value from field: Each incoming point has its value present in the specified field as its drivetime polygon. Since this value could be variable, the Eliminate Overlap option is not available.

  3. Select the US Drivetime dataset to use.

  4. Select the Canada dataset to use.