The Address category includes tools that standardize mailing lists and geocode to the 9-digit ZIP Code level. These tools require a special license and are US Data-specific.

CASS Tool: The CASS tool takes the input address file and checks it against the USPS Coding Accuracy Support System.

Parse Address Tool: The Parse Address tool breaks down a street address into its component parts, such as street number, directional, street name, and suffix.

Reverse Geocoder Tool: The Reverse Geocoder tool coordinates latitude and longitude locations by querying and downloading data from the TomTom Reverse Geocoder API. It produces a record-for-record reverse geocode result which includes formatted address fields and latitude/longitude coordinates.

Street Geocoder Tool: The Street Geocoder tool associates geographic coordinates with input addresses in order to pinpoint locations.

US Geocoder Tool: The US Geocoder tool geocodes a customer file.

US ZIP9 Coder Tool: The ZIP9 Coder tool associates geographic coordinates with input ZIP9 (also known as ZIP+4) codes in an address file.