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Create Workflow Task

A workflow task allows you to execute one of your Designer Cloud workflows as part of a plan that you create in the Alteryx Analytics Cloud.


  • Supported for Snowflake connections only.

Create Workflow Task


  1. On the Plans page, select New.

  2. From the left pane in the Plan view page, drag and drop the Workflow task onto the canvas.

  3. The Choose a workflow panel is displayed.


    Figure: Choose a workflow

  4. Select the required workflow. The workflow is added to your plan.


    All your workflow tasks should have a defined output object. During plan runs, these objects are not validated, and missing outputs are ignored.

Change workflow

You can change the workflow to use in the task. Click More menu > Change workflow in the right panel.

Edit name

To edit the name of the workflow, click More menu > Edit name.


To delete the workflow, click More menu > Delete. Confirm that you wish to delete the task.


This step cannot be undone.

Open workflow

To open the workflow in Designer Cloud, click the link in the Workflow task details panel.

For more information, see Plan View for Workflow Tasks.

Plan Metadata References

Within the message of your other tasks, you can reference metadata about the plan, its tasks, and their execution. For more information, see Plan Metadata References.