The Reporting category includes tools that aid in data presentation and organization.

Email Tool: The Email tool uses a data stream to send emails for each record.

Image Tool: The Image tool adds graphics to reports.

Insight Tool: The Insight tool lets you create and arrange multiple charts and text elements on a dashboard, create filters for viewing specific data, and create drilldowns to view different levels of data.

Interactive Chart Tool: The Interactive Chart tool creates interactive bar charts, line graphs, scatter plots, and pie charts for visualizing data in your workflow.

Layout Tool: The Layout tool arranges two or more reporting snippets to output as a report using the Render tool.  

Map Legend Builder Tool: The Map Legend Builder tool takes the components output from the Map Legend Splitter Tool and builds them back into a legend table.

Map Legend Splitter Tool: The Map Legend Splitter tool takes a legend from the Report Map Tool and splits it into its component parts.

Overlay Tool: The Overlay tool arranges reporting snippets on top of one another for output using the Render tool.

Render Tool: The Render tool transforms report snippets into reports in .pdf, .html, .xslx, .docx,  .rtf and .pcxml formats.

Report Footer Tool: The Report Footer tool adds a footer to a report.

Report Header Tool: The Report Header tool adds a header to a report.

Report Map Tool: The Map tool creates a map image from a workflow.

Report Text Tool: The Text tool adds text to reports and documents.

Table Tool: The Table tool creates basic data tables and pivot tables from input data.