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Upgrading to a newer version of Alteryx? Review this information.


As of the 2022.3 release, Alteryx Designer, Server, and the R Predictive tools use new installer technology. The updated installer detects your operating system language and installs Alteryx products in that language (if applicable). It installs the English version otherwise.

  • In order to upgrade to the 2022.3 version, you must be on version 2020.3 or newer. If you are currently on a version that is older than 2020.3, you must first upgrade to at least 2020.3 before you can upgrade to 2022.3.

  • You can't roll back from the 2022.3 version to a prior version automatically. You must first manually uninstall 2022.3. This will not be a limitation going forward.

  • R is not automatically uninstalled when you upgrade or uninstall Designer and Server. This is not an issue if you upgrade your R version at the same time as Designer and Server.

    • If R is detected when you install Designer and Server, the installer will notify you.

    • If you uninstall Designer and Server, you'll be reminded to remove R.

Upgrade from the Latest Supported Version or Newer

To upgrade from the latest supported Alteryx version or newer, you can use your valid license key and download the latest version of Alteryx from the Alteryx Licensing & Downloads portal.Version Support Policy

To upgrade to a newer product version, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Alteryx Licensing & Downloads portal.

  2. On the Home screen, select the product that you want to download from the Product Downloads section.

  3. Next, choose the product version that you want to download.

  4. Next, select the specific product file to download. For example, you might need to download the Non-Admin version of Alteryx Designer versus the Admin version.

  5. Once the file download is complete, the InstallAware Wizard launches and initiates installation. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your installation. When the installation is complete, select Finish to close the installation wizard.

Upgrade from Older Versions

To upgrade from Alteryx Designer versions that are no longer supported, go to the Upgrade Guide.