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What's New in Server 2021.4

Version: 2021.4.1.04899

Release Date: February 2, 2022

Go to the complete Server 2021.4 Release Notes.Server 2021.4 Release Notes

Data Connection Manager

You now have the option to use Data Connection Manager (DCM) to securely store user credentials for data connections outside of your workflow. DCM improves security because it provides access control and a way to share connections. It improves manageability of password credentials because the credential resolves at runtime, so it only needs to be updated once to serve multiple workflows. DCM allows you to synchronize credentials between Server and Designer.

In Server, you can manage your credentials and connections on the DCM Data Sources and DCM Credentials pages. For more information, visit the Data Connection Manager: Server UI and DCM help page.

New Server API V3

We’ve implemented the new Server API V3. This adds functionality to modify objects that represent assets, collections, users, groups, credentials, connections, and more. Use the new API to automate otherwise manual tasks and integrate Server with your existing API automation tools and scripts.

The V3 Admin API uses OAuth 2. It implements basic POST, PUT, GET, and DELETE functionality to give you safe ways to modify your Server environment. For more information on how to use the new API, visit the Alteryx Server API V3 help page.

In addition to the new V3 API, the legacy endpoints for V1, V2, and Subscription are available at a new base URL as OAuth 2 endpoints.

New User Interface–My Workspace

We’ve changed the Server user interface. We replaced the Home page with the new My Workspace page, divided into the My Files, Public, and Shared With Me tabs. For more information about My Workspace, visit the Alteryx Server UI Overview help page.

Updated User Interface–Workflow Details and User Profile Pages

We’ve changed the user interface of the workflow details and user profile pages to improve usability and accessibility. The user profile is a full page on which you can edit inline to change your default credentials, worker tags, etc.

Increased Security for Controller Tokens

For security reasons, we’ve made enhancements to the following:

  • We increased the entropy of the controller token used to connect the controller to worker nodes and to encrypt the data between them.

  • We upgraded the hashing algorithm used with the token to SHA-256.

NOTE: These changes can cause incompatibility issues for older Designer versions in case of direct communication to the scheduler service. We recommend also updating Designer to match this version if you are doing direct communications to the scheduler service and bypassing the Server UI (Private Gallery).

MongoDB Upgrade

We upgraded the embedded MongoDB to version 4.2. We also upgraded the drivers for MongoDB to support up to version 4.4 for user-managed MongoDB. For more information, visit the MongoDB Schema Reference and MongoDB Advanced Connection Strings help pages.

MongoDB Persistence Layer Encryption Change

In 21.4, we have implemented a new way of encrypting wizard values used for apps on Server.