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What's New in Connect 2022.3

Version: 2022.3

Release Date: January 25, 2023

See the complete Release Notes.

The 2022.3 release brings the following enhancements:

Additional Enhancements

Improved Stability and the Quality of the Code

We’ve improved stability along with resolving tech debts and raised the quality of the existing code.

Connect API: Custom Fields Endpoint Update

We’ve added the FieldName to the response for these API endpoints: Create Custom Field and Assign Custom Field to Asset. The ID and value are also available.

Metadata Loaders

Alteryx Loader: Lineage for DCM Connections

Lineage information is now included in Alteryx Loader to allow lineage to be established for DCM connections as well. Current workflows using regular connections are still supported, therefore their lineage won’t be lost.