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Designer Legacy Documentation

Instructions for HTML Downloads

You can download a copy of the HTML documentation and access it from any browser, even without Internet access.

  1. Download the HTML documentation and unzip the folder.

  2. Go to the unzipped folder.

  3. For Designer versions 2022.3 and older, open the Designer_Home.htm file.

  4. For all other versions, open the index.html.

The index.html or Designer_Home.htm file opens in your default Internet browser and looks like the online version. If that is not the case, verify that you opened the file from the unzipped folder.

Designer 2022.3

Designer 2022.3 Online Documentation

Download Designer 2022.3 HTML documentation

Designer-FIPS 2022.2

The 2022.2 release is an Alteryx Designer-FIPS release only.

Designer 2022.2-FIPS Online Documentation

Download Desginer 2022.2-FIPS HTML documentation

Designer 2022.1

Designer 2022.1 Online Documentation

Download Designer 2022.1 HTML documentation

Designer 2021.4

Designer 2021.4 Online Documentation

Download Designer 2021.4 HTML documentation