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Alteryx Server API V3

  • The Alteryx Server API provides the tools you need to create, update, search, and delete users, user groups, schedules, credentials, collections, workflows, and Server connections.

  • The V3 Admin API adds a lot of functionality for modifying the objects that represent assets, users, credentials, connections, etc., so that admins can automate tasks that were otherwise manual, and so that they can integrate Server with their existing API automations tools and scripts.

  • The V3 Admin API uses OAuth 2, and implements basic POST, PUT, GET, and DELETE functionality to give our customers safe ways to modify their Server environment.

  • In addition to adding new functionality with V3 API endpoints, we’ve also made our V1, subscription, and V2 endpoints available for use with OAuth 2. The same endpoints customers have used in the past are now available for OAuth 2 at a new base address.

  • Further, we've built the V3 API Macro Pack to easily interact with the new V3 endpoints. For more information about the V3 API Macro Pack, visit the Introducing the Alteryx Server v3 API page.

  • As a user with Artisan rights, you can now access some of the /workflows and /jobs endpoints from v1/v2/subscriptions as part of your V3 API. You can also post a workflow and specify workflow credentials, so the workflow has all its metadata needed to operate properly. For more information about the Server API endpoints available to users with Artisan rights, visit API Overview.

  • You can use different timezones in schedules endpoints. For valid timezones, see the Schedules Endpoints help page.

Configuration and Authorization

Learn more about how to configure and authorize to the Server API V3.

Access Server API V3

Learn more about how to access the Server API V3.

Server API V3 Objects

Find more information about the objects and their relations in Server API V3.

How to Use Postman

Learn how to import the Server API, authorize and send your requests in Postman.