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Auto Insights API Tokens

Use API tokens and Host to connect your Auto Insights account with Alteryx Designer. See the Auto Insights Uploader Tool article for more information.

API Tokens

To create an API token...

  1. Sign in to your Auto Insights account.

  2. Select the Profile icon in the upper-right corner.

  3. Select Account Settings > API Tokens.

  4. Select Create Token.

  5. Your new token displays. Copy your Secret to a safe place for future reference. This is the only time you can view it here.

  6. Copy and paste your Access Key and Secret into Alteryx Designer. See more configuration details in the Auto Insights Uploader Tool .


We've made it easy to copy your Host. You enter it in Designer to set up a new connection to Auto Insights. To find and copy your Host, sign in to Auto Insights and then select the Profile icon > Account Settings > API Tokens. Select Copy next to your Host. Paste into Designer.

Host on API Tokens page


How many API Tokens can I create? You can have up to 2 tokens at a time.

How long is a token valid? Tokens are valid until you delete them.

What if I lose my secret? If you lose your secret, you have to create a new token and reconfigure your connection with Alteryx Designer.