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OAuth 2.0 for Box

Configure Alteryx Analytics Cloud (AAC)to integrate with your Box deployment using OAuth 2.0 to authenticate.

Create OAuth 2.0 Client App in Box

In the Box developer console, you must create the client app.

  1. Sign in to your Box developer console.

  2. Select Create New App and then select Custom App.

  3. Enter an App Name and define the purpose of your app. Fill out the remaining details based on your requirements.

  4. Select User Authentication and then select Create App.

  5. Record your Client ID and Client Secret. You will use these for the Box OAuth 2.0 setup in AAC.

  6. Enter your Redirect URIs. For example, https:/

  7. For Application Scopes, select Read all files and folders stored in Box and Write all files and folders stored in Box.

  8. Select Save Changes.

Create OAuth 2.0 Client for Box in AAC

After you create the Box client app, you must create an OAuth 2.0 client in AAC.

  1. Sign in to AACas a workspace admin.

  2. Go to Profile menu > Admin Console > OAuth 2.0 clients > Register OAuth 2.0 client.

  3. Enter these fields:




    Select box from the dropdown.


    Enter an appropriate name for the client.

    Client ID

    Enter the Client ID you recorded from the Box client app setup.

    Client Secret

    Enter the Client Secrect you recorded from the Box client app setup.

    Authorization URL

    Paste this URL:

    Token URL

    Paste this URL:


    Enter this scope definition:


    Access Token Expires In

    Enter 3600000 ms.

    Refresh Token Expires In

    Enter 0 ms.

  4. Select Create.

Create Box Connection

After you create the two OAuth 2.0 client references, you can create a connection to your Box data. For more information, go to Box Connections.


You must create a separate connection for each OAuth 2.0 client that is available in the AAC.