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Build Apps


App Builder is a new and evolving product available with the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform. Functionality is subject to change without notice as we continue to refine and enhance your experience. We appreciate your understanding and welcome your feedback on Alteryx Community as we continue to improve App Builder!

Learn how to build an app in App Builder.

When you build an app, you first add and connect tools on the Orchestrate canvas. Then, build the structure and customize the theme of your app in the Design canvas. To build a new app, select New from the Recent Apps page, or select File > New from the App Builder canvas.


The Orchestrate canvas is where you build the data flow of your app. An app data flow consists of connected tools that perform different functions that dictate the flow of data through your app. When you build an app data flow, you add and connect tools. You also configure those tools and data flow properties. Connections move in a downstream direction horizontally.

Add or Remove Tools

To add a tool to your data flow, select any tool from the Orchestrate tool palette and drag it onto the canvas. See the Orchestrate Tool List for more information on each tool.

To remove a tool from your data flow, select the tool and use the Delete key on your keyboard.

Connect Tools

To connect tools in the data flow, drag a tool from the tool palette onto the canvas near the output anchor of another tool. You can also drag the output anchor from an existing tool to the tool you just added.

Connections go in through the left side of a tool and out through the right side of a tool.

  • Some tools accept multiple inputs indicated by multiple input anchors.

  • Some tools have optional inputs indicated by a gray input anchor.

  • All tools with an output anchor can be output to multiple streams.

Connection Actions

  • Delete a connection: To delete a connection, select the connection and use the Delete key on your keyboard. Downstream tools are not deleted.

  • Insert a tool into a connection: Drag a tool from the tool palette (or a tool that's already on the canvas) and place it on top of the existing connection.


The Design canvas is where you build and design the layout of the app. Here, you can add Building Blocks and Workflow Tools from your app data flow. You can also change the Theme of your app.

Add or Remove Elements

Elements define the structure of your app. To add an element to your data flow, select Add Element and then select the type of element you want to add. Once you have added elements to your app, you can add Building Blocks, Workflow Tools, and Variables to add content and use Themes to customize them. To add content to your app, select the content from the palette and drag it from the palette onto the canvas inside your element. For more information on the types of content you can add to your app, see Design Elements List.

To remove an element or content block, select the content, then select the trash icon.

Reorder Elements

To change the order of how the elements appear on your app, select the select icon select-icon.png and drag the element to a new location.