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Role Types

There are three user roles within Auto Insights:

Consumers (Viewers)

  • Can view shared datasets and create Missions.

  • No access to the admin portal.

  • Organization administrators can give admin portal access.

Creators (Administrators)

  • Can create and share datasets and create Missions

Workspace Administrators

  • Can assign Creator or Consumer role to any user in the organization (via the Analytics Cloud Admin Console).

  • Can create and share datasets and create Missions.

  • Can administer all datasets and User Groups.

Admin Role Capabilities in Auto Insights

Administration of Users and User roles is now controlled within the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Admin Console, for information please refer to User Administration in Admin Tasks.

Role Capabilities


Org Admin

Admin Portal access

Dataset Administration

List My Datasets*1

List All Datasets

Edit Datasets*1

User Administration

See All Users

Create New User*2

Edit User Details*2

Remove User*2

Edit User Role*2

Group Administration

"My Groups" are groups you're a member of.

Create Groups

Delete Groups

Delete My Groups

Edit Groups

Edit My Groups

Add User to Any Group

Add User to My Groups

View My Groups

*1 Requires access to be provided.

*2 via the Alteryx Cloud Admin Console.