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Add Schedule Dialog

As needed, you can create a new schedule to execute jobs.

To add a schedule, select the New icon on the Schedules page.

  1. Enter a Name for the new schedule.

  2. Select the Asset Type: Workflow, Plan, or Reporting Project.

  3. Select the Asset of the selected type you want to schedule.

  4. Under Occurence, select the preferred run type: Recurring, Once, Custom, or Event Trigger.


    The options for the schedule vary based on the selected run type.


    The schedule for custom run types uses a modified form of cron scheduling. For more information, go to cron Schedule Syntax Reference.

  5. Select the required scheduling options based on the run type:

    • Frequency: Run the schedule at the specified moment for the interval. Select from Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.


      For dropdown menus showing days of the week or days of the month, you can select multiple values.

    • Timezone: Select the timezone to apply to the schedule.

      • To use UTC time zone, select the required UTC from the dropdown.

    • Cron Expression: Set the schedule according to cron syntax.

      • The cron schedule also uses the selected Timezone settings.

    • Trigger on Modification: Trigger the schedule if an application creates a new file or edits an existing file.

      • Under File Path, select Browse and then Select a file to monitor for the trigger.

  6. Select Schedule to save the schedule.