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Share Datasets

You can share a dataset with 1 or more users in your workspace.

  1. On the Data page, hover over your dataset and then select the Share button.

  2. In the Share dialog, enter the name or email address of the user in the Invite users field. You can also paste a comma-separated list of email addresses.


    For privacy reasons, search might not be available in some environments. In such cases, you have to manually enter the user name in the Invite users field.

  3. Select the required privilege level for the receiving user:

    1. Viewer: The user can access the dataset but can't modify it.

    2. Editor: All of the viewer privileges, plus the user can edit the dataset and share it with others.

  4. To share the dataset with the assigned privileges, select Share. The selected dataset is shared with other users.

  5. To remove the sharing, select Remove from the drop-down next to the user.