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Security Overview for Machine Learning

Machine Learning conforms to the Alteryx security and data privacy principles. Learn more about these principles.

Privacy and Compliance

  1. Aligned under the ISO 27001 compliance framework.

  2. Follow GDPR principles.

  3. Annual penetration test by an independent 3rd-party.

Hosting and Architecture Overview

  • Machine Learning utilizes a combination of services hosted between Google Cloud (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • We encrypt data during transit and at rest.

  • Alteryx manages user management and authentication. Single Sign-On isn’t supported at this time.

Ingestion and Data Structure

There are 2 ways to ingest data into Machine Learning:

  1. Direct upload: Users can upload files directly into Machine Learning for ad-hoc analysis.

  2. My Files: Access files uploaded to Machine Learning