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How Does Auto Insights Fit Alongside My Other Business Intelligence (BI) Tools?

We often get asked whether Auto Insights replaces, or sits alongside other BI tools—read on to find out!

At Auto Insights, we’re all about helping every business to make efficient decisions from their data, every day. We know that not everyone is comfortable wrangling dashboards. In fact, most people would prefer to ask an analyst their questions - as analysts deliver responses in plain English, and explain changes in patterns and trends. Typically, the analyst and user relationship looks like this.


Human data analysts are highly skilled but spend much of their time answering simple business questions or performing basic or repeatable tasks. As the volume of data, dashboards, and people in business grow, there simply aren’t enough analysts to answer every ad-hoc question!

That’s where Auto Insights comes in. Auto Insights is an AI-powered data analyst. It’s available 24/7 and produces insights and reports automatically from “raw” data.

Ultimately, we don’t see Auto Insights as a replacement for BI tools, as it provides automated insights, rather than human-led insights.

  • Automated insights - allow everyone to self-serve insights, improve data literacy, and save time for human analysts to devote to more complex tasks or analysis (human-led insights).

  • Human-led insights - required for complex reporting or analysis such as predictive modeling.


Note: Auto Insights can connect directly to source systems however best practice is that analytics solutions should sit on top of the Warehousing or ETL layer.

How Does Auto Insights Help?

Auto Insights eliminates the need for human analysts to configure visualizations. Its Search functionality uses natural language processing (NLP) enabling everyone to simply ask questions, and get a response that is easy to understand, thereby reducing the burden on human analysts to perform these tasks.

Auto Insights empowers everyone to perform their own root cause analysis through its instant ‘What caused this?’ functionality. It guides everyone to uncover insights that they might otherwise have missed, either because it would be impossible to analyze them manually, or simply because the user didn’t know to look. Auto Insights analyses all dimensions of your data and proactively surfaces anomalies and outliers, without the need for a human analyst.

Auto Insights is complementary to other BI tools and reporting tools. Reporting or dashboarding solutions have a role to play for technical users delivering monthly, static reports, or creating bespoke visualizations. But ultimately, they are not tools that can be adopted at scale by everyone.

Auto Insights saves time for analysts, which can be redirected to more complex tasks such as modeling or predictive analytics that require extensive human input. Therefore, Auto Insights represents a smarter use of your technical resources. It also provides a better experience for everyone - no more delays to accessing insights, which means that data can become part of day-to-day decision-making.

In summary, Auto Insights sits alongside other BI tools and can help you to: 

  • Automate basic or repeatable tasks, so you can redirect your human analysts to more complex tasks

  • Embed data-driven decision-making by providing ‘insights’, not just ‘data’ 

  • Put everyone on the front foot by proactively surfacing relevant, actionable information