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Share Dataset Dialog

You can manage access to a dataset to other users through the Share Dataset dialog.

When you grant another user access to one of your dataset, you both can work on the dataset together.


When a user is given access to a dataset, that user is considered a viewer or editor based on permissions and privileges.

Find Users

To add users as collaborators with your dataset, start typing the name of a user with whom you'd like to collaborate. Select the user. Repeat this process to add multiple users.


You can paste a comma-separated list of email addresses to share to multiple users at the same time.


For privacy reasons, search may not be available in some environments.

Set Access Level

For each user, you can configure their level of access to the shared dataset:


You cannot set a user's access to a level that is higher than the limit set for the user at the workspace level. For example, if the user has Viewer access to the dataset at the workspace level, you cannot make the user an Editor on your dataset.


Workspace administrators have Owner-level access to all datasets in the workspace. You do not need to share datasets with them.

  • Editor:

    • Modify the dataset.

    • Share the dataset.

    • All Viewer privileges.

  • Viewer:

    • Read-only access to the dataset.

    • Run jobs in the dataset.