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Box Connections

Box is a cloud-based content management and file-sharing platform. Use Box Connections to import your files and folders stored on Box to Alteryx Analytics Cloud (AAC).


  • Read-only.

  • Supports Excel and CSV files.


To create this connection, on the Connections page select Create Connection and then search for Box. Then select the Box card. Go to the Connections Page for more information.

Modify these properties as needed:



Connection Name

Display name of the connection.

Connection Description

Detailed description of the connection that appears in the application.

OAuth 2.0 Client

Use OAuth 2.0 authentication to access Box. Note that OAuth 2.0 authentication requires additional configuration. Go to OAuth 2.0 for Box.

Once you enter the Connection Information and authenticate the OAuth 2.0 client, select Create. You can now use Box Connections to import your data to AAC.