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Audit Logs Page

Use the Audit Logs page to review logged audit events for your users and workspaces on Alteryx Analytics Cloud (AAC). For more information about which events AAC tracks, go to Audit Events.


To access this page, you must have an Account Administrator role assigned to you.


Audit data reflects activity within the account for the last 90 days. After 90 days, AAC purges the records. To retain the data for longer, download the records.

Audit Event Filter

To filter for specific event types, use the dropdown under these categories:

  • Event Description: Select the from the list of event types.

  • Action: Select the action type of the event: Created, Removed, Updated, or Deleted.

  • Results Status: Select if the event succeeded or failed.

  • Agent Type: Select the type of agent that triggered the event.

    • User: Event triggered by a workspace user.

    • Background Process: Event triggered by a background process.

    • User Delegate: Event triggered by a process on behalf of a workspace user. Contains the user ID of the user who initiated the process.

  • Agent ID: For users, filter by UUID or email. For services, filter by the service ID or from a list of service preset names.

  • Workspace: Select a workspace name.

  • First Date to Last Date: Enter a date range formatted as mm/dd/yyyy.

Download Audit Events

Download audit events to keep a record of past events. Audit events are downloaded as a CSV file.

To download all events on the list, check the box on the event list header and then select Download.

To download specific events, check the box next to each event and then select Download.