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Sessions Page

Use the Sessions page to view the devices signed into your Alteryx Analytics Cloud (AAC)account. Review the devices that are authorized and revoke any unfamiliar devices.

Use Search to find a specific session ID.

To remove an unrecognized device, select the 3-dot menu for that Session ID and then select End Session.

Session Timeout

Sessions timeout after 12 hours of inactivity and have a maximum lifespan of 30 days.


You can have a maximum of 10 sessions active at a time.

Column Definitions

  • Session ID: A unique ID for each signed-in device.

  • Browser: Type of internet browser used to sign in to AAC. Select the filter icon next to the column name to filter by browser type (for example, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).

  • Browser Version: Version of the internet browser.

  • OS Version: Version of the operating system (OS).

  • Last Sign In: Date of last sign in for each device.