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Platform Landing Page

Welcome to Alteryx Analytics Cloud, a multi-tenant, multi-cloud SaaS solution for development and deployment of your data pipelines to deliver automated analytics to everyone in the enterprise. From the landing page, you can navigate to your available applications and workspaces, or begin building your pipelines in the platform.


Figure: Landing page

To begin using your data, use the quick start links at the start of the page to Upload data from your computer or Connect to cloud data sources such as Snowflake, S3, ADLS, and more.

To access your applications, the Landing page has 3 application sections:

  • Available to You: Applications and services that you can access.

  • Available in Your Workspace: Applications and services that are available in the workspace but you do not have access. In such scenarios, select Contact Admin to view a list of workspace admins that you can contact for access.

  • Other Alteryx Analytics Cloud Products: Applications and services that aren't available in the workspace. To learn more about these applications and services, select Contact Sales.


Workspace roles are respected in Platform Landing Page. The Applications and services available to your user account are displayed in the Landing Page but you do not have access to them. For access, please contact your workspace administrator.

The Landing page enables you to get started with the applications. To launch an application, select Get Started.


The available applications include all released applications that are licensed in your workspace. Prerelease applications to which you have access may be available in the App Switcher.

  • App Switcher: Select the icon in the upper-left corner to open the App Switcher, where you can select any of your licensed applications. For more information, see App Switcher.


Applications and services available to your user account are displayed on the App Switcher.

  • Platform Navigation Bar: Across the top of the screen, you can access various platform-level objects, which can be built in the platform for use in your installed applications. To learn more, go to Platform Navigation Bar.

  • Preferences: From the Profile menu in the upper-right corner, you can access settings associated with your account. To learn more, go to Preferences Page.

    • Change Workspaces: If you are a user of multiple workspaces, you can switch to a different one through the Profile menu. To learn more, go to Switch Workspaces.

    • Admin Console: Workspace admins can modify settings that apply to all users in the workspace. To learn more, go to Admin Console.