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Location Intelligence User Interface

The Location Intelligence user interface consists of the following:

  • Map Canvas: Contains basemap and view loaded datasets on the map. Zoom, Pan, and select features to see their columns. It enables you to understand the geospatial data of the customers.

  • Layers Pane: Contains the layers of loaded datasets. Contains the layers information and their names.

  • Add Data: Enables you to add a dataset. For more information, see Create a New Project.

  • Settings (Cog Icon): Enables you to edit the settings of the base map.

    • Edit Basemap Enables you to edit the base map such as light, dark, satellite and so on. Also, you can change the map projections.

  • Zoom to Layer: Moves the map view to the extent of a layer, so the boundaries of layers are visible on the map.

  • Edit Style: Enables you to edit the styling of the data on the map.

  • Delete: Deletes the dataset.

  • New Analysis: Enables you to make a new analysis for the dataset. For more information, see New Analysis.