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Getting Started for Workspace Users

Ready to start using your workspace in Alteryx Analytics Cloud (AAC)? Please complete the following steps to enable your account and get started.


Workspace administrators should share this page with newly invited users.

First Time Sign In

Check your email for an invitation email to your AAC workspace. Select Accept Invitation from your invitation email to go to your AAC workspace.

From the AAC sign-in page, follow the instructions on the screen to sign in to your AAC workspace.

Passcode Verification

ACC sends a one-time passcode to your email to verify your identity when you sign in for the first time. The passcode is valid for 15 minutes.

Trial Users

If you registered your account through the free trial, you will enter your workspace after registering your account. If you add users to a workspaces from your trial account, those users will receive an invite to join the workspace.

Select a Workspace

Use workspaces to share data and workflows with other users on the same workspace. You might be in more than 1 workspace depending on how your admin configured your access.

If you are in only 1 workspace, continue with the sign in process to proceed to your workspace. If you have more than 1 workspace, first select a workspace and then enter your password.

In the case where you don't have a workspace assigned, create a workspace before signing in.

Additional Resources

To access the full AAC documentation, from the global header, select the question mark icon, then select Alteryx Help.

Check out the Alteryx Community to find resources created from other users in the Community. You can also select Alteryx Community from the question mark icon on the global header to go to Community.