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Plan View for Report Tasks

In Plan View, you can create a Report task to generate your reports with new data from an upstream workflow.

Prepare Report Data

  1. In Designer Cloud, create a workflow that outputs data for your report.

  2. In Plans, add a Workflow task to your Plan canvas and then select the workflow from step 1.

  3. Add a Report task to your Plan canvas.

  4. Connect the ON SUCCESS or ALWAYS output anchor of the Workflow task to the Report task input anchor.

Configure the Report Task

  1. In the right context panel of the Report task, Select a report you want to generate.

  2. Select the Upstream Task Output that contains the data you want to use for your report (for example, a workflow from an upstream Workflow task). Note that the workflow output data format must match the expected input data format of the selected report.

  3. If the Upstream Task Output has more than 1 output file, select which output file you want to use to generate your report.

  4. (Optional) Connect the output anchor of the Report task to another task such as the Slack task to notify users of the completed report.

  5. Select Run to run the Plan. Once the run completes, you can download the report from the Data tab in the context panel of the Report task. Alternatively, you can view recently generated reports under the Recent Output Files section on the Reporting landing page.