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Build a Report

A report consists of customizable elements that display your data. Once you’ve connected to a dataset, you can add elements to your report.

Connect to Dataset

To connect to a dataset, select Connect Dataset on the canvas or from the File menu. Select the dataset you’d like to use in Reporting from the Connect to Dataset table, then select Open.

Element Types

There are different types of elements you can add to your report in Reporting:

  • Table: Adds a table with your connected dataset to the report.

  • Charts: Adds a bar chart to your report.

  • Text: Adds a textbox to your report.

  • Image: Adds an image to your report.


The table element is the only element compatible with the XLSX layout. For more information on Layouts, see Reporting User Interface.

See the Customize Elements pages for more information on customizing each element type:

Add Elements to Canvas

After connecting to a dataset, you can add elements to your report. To add an element directly to your report, select Insert Report Element on the canvas:

  • New: Creates and adds a new element.

  • Existing: Adds an element you’ve already created to your report.

  • Specify the element type to add it to your report.

Add Elements to Elements Panel

To add an element to the Elements panel only, select Create Element in the Elements panel and specify the element type. You can also select Add from each element's list view.

Add elements from the Elements panel to your report by selecting the 3-dot menu next to the element and then Add to Report. You can also drag and drop elements from the Elements tab onto the canvas.

Edit Elements

To customize chart elements, select the 3-dot menu next to the chart name in the Elements panel, then select Edit. Alternatively, hover over the element on the canvas, then select Editedit-icon.png.

Remove Elements from Canvas

To remove an element from your report, hover over the element on the canvas, then select Removetrash-icon.png.

Delete Elements

To delete elements from the Elements panel, select the 3-dot menu and then select Delete. Note that this action deletes your element from Report Builder and can't be undone.