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GitHub_Last-Commit-Macro.png GitHub Get Last Commit Tool

Use Get Last Commit to pull the details of the last commit to a specified GitHub repository.


This tool is not automatically installed with Alteryx Designer. To use this tool, download it from the Alteryx Marketplace.

Tool Components

GitHub Get Last Commit has 1 anchor:

R output anchor: The output anchor returns the details of the last commit to the specified repository, including the author of the commit, date and time, and commit message.

Configure the Tool

Use the Tool Configuration window to configure the necessary fields to make the API call.


Use the Configure tab to provide the GitHub repository and API details.

  • GitHub API base Address: The tool adds this by default, but you can update it if needed.

  • GitHub Repo Owner (username): Enter the GitHub username of the owner of the target repository. This might not be your username. If you are committing to someone else’s repository, use their username here.

  • GitHub Repository: Enter the name of the repository where you want to commit the files.

  • GitHub Personal Access Token: Enter your personal access token for GitHub. For more information on personal access tokens, go to GitHub documentation.

  • Branch: Enter the name of the branch where you want to make the commit.

    • Is protected: Check this check box if the branch is protected.