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AYX Plugin CLI


The AYX Plugin CLI provides a single mechanism to guide you through the entire SDK development process, from scaffolding to packaging. It lets you create tools quickly, familiarize yourself with the SDKs, and it reduces the potential for error.

Requirements and Prerequisites

To start building tools with the AYX Plugin CLI, you need these items installed on your machine:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or Later (64-bit)

  • Alteryx Designer Version 2021.2 and Newer

  • Python Version 3.8.5

  • pip (automatically installed with Python 3.8.5)

Each SDK also has its own requirements, which are listed on each respective help page.

We highly recommend that you develop your custom tools inside of a virtual environment (for example, Miniconda). With Miniconda, you can create and activate a virtual environment with these commands:

conda create -n SDKEnv python=3.8.5

conda activate SDKEnv

This creates an isolated development environment that minimizes the risk of creating a package that Alteryx Designer and other users won't be able to use. It does this by keeping the dependencies required by different projects separate.


To install the AYX Plugin CLI, run pip install ayx_plugin_cli.

Verify Installation

To verify that you installed the CLI properly, run ayx_plugin_cli version.

If the installation was successful this command returns the version number. If the CLI was not installed properly, the ayx_plugin_cli command will not be recognized in the terminal, and your terminal will reflect that.

CLI Versions

To check the version of the CLI that is installed, run ayx_plugin_cli version.

The CLI automatically checks for the newest version and alerts you if a new version is available.

To upgrade the CLI version, run pip install ayx_plugin_cli --upgrade.

CLI Version Support

We will support the latest version of the CLI. Visit Release Notes to review new features as well as fixed and known issues.


To uninstall the CLI, run pip uninstall ayx_plugin_cli.

Once you uninstall the AYX Plugin CLI, you will lose the ability to manage your custom tool projects. Uninstalling the CLI removes all of the features that help create, delete, and package custom tools into YXIs.