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Embedded Python Tool Script

Python SDK Tool Upgrade Script

Alteryx 2020.4 and beyond contains an upgraded version of embedded Python which will improve security for Alteryx users. The script below is provided to assist you with identifying any Python SDK based tools that you have installed on your system. Once you execute the script, you will see a list of tools that leverage the Python SDK as well as their file locations.

This script can be used by Alteryx users as well as Server admins who are considering upgrading to 2020.4 (and future versions), or who have already upgraded and need assistance troubleshooting workflows containing Python SDK based tools. This is applicable if you are upgrading from Alteryx 2020.3 or older.


This script is unsigned, please see additional details about hash verification below.

Technical Specifications

Product Compatibility: This script can be executed on Alteryx Designer or Server (desktop or server OS.)

Script Functionality

  • The script looks through all possible tool locations on a machine.

    • User tools path: %APPDATA%\Alteryx\Tools

    • Admin tools path: %ALLUSERPROFILE%\Alteryx\Tools

    • HTML plugins path: <install directory>\bin\HtmlPlugins

  • The script performs these steps:

    • Scans all .pyd files from the above locations.

    • Checks if cp3x keywords is less than cp38.

    • Parses the tool name and version from config.xml.

    • Prints Tool Name, Version, Python Version, and Path for every tool that contains references to a Python version that is older than 3.8.5.

    • Prints this if the search returns empty:

      Did not find any tools that are incompatible with Python version [3.8.5]

Download and Hash Verification


The SHA256 hash of the download is:


To verify the hash, open a Command Prompt and run this command on your existing Alteryx system:

C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\Miniconda3\Library\bin\openssl.exe dgst -sha256 path\to\Python_Upgrade_v2.ps1

You should see the same value as the hash printed above. If you see a different value, retry your download. If the issue persists, contact Support and do not execute the script.

How to Run the Script

  1. Save the script to a Desktop or Server that has Alteryx Designer.

  2. Open Command Prompt.

  3. Go to the folder where the script was saved.

  4. Run powershell -file Python_Upgrade_v2.ps1.

  5. During the search, it prints a Progress Indicator:

    Searching Alteryx Tools... -- Checking Files: 10% Complete

  6. Prints the following information about Python SDK-based tools that might have incompatible Python version references that might need your attention if upgrading to 2020.4 or beyond: