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End of Support for 32-Bit Database Connections FAQs

What's Changing?

Until version 2021.2, the Alteryx Platform supported both 32-bit and 64-bit database connections. Alteryx version 2021.2 will be the last version that supports connecting to 32-bit data sources. If you are currently using 32-bit connections, you will start seeing a message that you are using an unsupported database connection in 2021.3 and an error starting with 2023.1.

Why Is This Changing?

32-bit data sources are an increasingly obsolete form of technology to the industry-standard 64-bit variant. 64-bit database connections provide significant performance improvements through better utilization of memory, leading to better input performance of your Alteryx workflows. Continued support and investment in 32-bit technology take away resources that would otherwise be used to optimize the implementation of current and future technologies.

Who Will this Impact?

We do not expect this to impact many customers, and those who are impacted are encouraged to migrate their software to support 64-bit connections. Customers who utilize 32-bit connections will have the ability to continue to use Alteryx version 2021.2 or older for the foreseeable future and with the Extended Support Period outlined below.

What Is the Extended Support Period for 32-bit Connections in Alteryx Versions 2021.2 and Prior?

For a period of two (2) years from the date of release of Alteryx version 2021.2 (the “Extended Support Period”), Alteryx will provide customer technical support comprised of fixes for critical bugs such as those related to security. The likelihood of a bug or defect being addressed and fixed is dependent upon a number of variables including the frequency of occurrence and the viability of workaround solutions. After the Extended Support Period, Alteryx will no longer provide customer technical support for 32-bit connections.

How Can You Check If You Are Using 32-Bit Connections?

Follow these steps:

  1. On your machine, navigate to the Windows search menu and search for ODBC Data Sources.

  2. Select ODBC Data Sources (32-bit). Note any Data source (System DSN or User DSN) that has a platform version of 32-bit undefined.

  3. Check if any of these DSNs are referenced within connections for Alteryx workflows. You can also check if they are referenced within saved User Connections, In-DB connections, or Gallery Data Connections.

  4. If you use any full connection strings within your workflow, verify whether the specified driver is 32-bit.

If you have issues determining what drivers you are using, as your IT team or Database Administrator.

How Do I Upgrade to 64-Bit Connections?

If you currently use 32-bit connections, the process to upgrade them to 64-bit connections is as follows:

  1. Validate with your IT team or database administrator that the database supports connections with a 64-bit driver.

  2. Install the 64-bit version of the driver for your specific database on your machine.

  3. Configure a DSN with the new 64-bit driver or reference the new driver in your connection string (for Oracle and SQL Server).

  4. Update workflows with the new connection(s).

What Are the Key Milestones for 32-Bit Connection Support?

Q2 2021

Release of Alteryx version 2021.2 with 32-bit connections available. Alteryx version 2021.2 will be the last Alteryx release that supports connecting with a 32-bit connection.

Q4 2022

Last day to download a version of Alteryx that supports 32-bit connections. Alteryx version 2021.2 will be available on the webpage until 11/17/2022. After this date, no version of Alteryx will be available that supports connecting to data sources with 32-bit connections.

June 2023

The extended support period ends for all 32-bit data source connections. All support for 32-bit versions of Alteryx will end two (2) years from the date of the release of Alteryx Analytics 2021.2. For customers with contracts that specify EOL support clauses, support will be available under the terms and conditions of that contract. Alteryx version 2023.1 will display the following error and will not allow running workflows with 32-bit ODBC connections: "A non-supported 32-bit database connection has been detected in your workflow. Migrate your workflows to utilize 64-bit connections.".