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Create Flow Page

You can use flows to organize your datasets and to track the jobs associated with them.

  • A flow is a container for datasets, recipes, and related objects.

  • To create a new flow click Create Flow in the Flows Page.


    You can also create a flow while importing datasets.


  1. In the Flows page, click Create Flow. A new flow is created, with the name Untitled - X, where X is a number.

  2. Click the Untitled - X to enter a flow name and description.

  3. From the Flow View page, you can add datasets to your flow, or import new ones. You may add multiple datasets at this time and add more later.

    1. Add dataset: You can browse or search for datasets to add to your flow from the available ones.

      1. This list includes all imported and reference datasets to which you have access.

      2. Select a different search filter to display all, imported, or reference datasets.

      3. To add a selected dataset, click the checkbox next to it.

    2. Import Datasets: Click this link to import a new dataset into the application. After it is imported, it is automatically added to your flow. See Import Data Page.

  4. When finished, click Add.

  5. The datasets are displayed in the flow. For more information, see Flow View Page.