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Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Connection Type

ODBC (64-bit)

Driver Configuration Requirements

For client version 10.0, you must append the server name to the Login ID within the Microsoft SQL Server DSN Configuration window. For example:

If a Login ID is user123-admin and the server name is, you would enter for the Login ID.

Driver Details

The ODBC drivers are contained in the SQL Server Native Client. You can download the Microsoft ODBC Driver here.

Bulk write support is available for standard and in-database workflows.

In-Database processing requires 64-bit database drivers.

Type of Support

Read & Write, In-Database

Validated On

ODBC Driver 11, 13, 13.1

Alteryx Tools Used to Connect

Standard Workflow Process

Input Data Tool

Input Data Tool Icon


Output Data Tool

Output Data Tool Icon


In-Database Workflow Process

Connect In-DB Tool

Blue icon with database being plugged in.


Data Stream In Tool

Blue icon with a stream-like object flowing into a database.


Write Support

  • Alteryx recommends that you use the bulk connection. Select Other Databases > SQL Server Bulk when you configure the Output tool database connection.

  • Write functionality is limited to creating new tables or replacing tables.

Authentication Type

Only Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication is supported, depending on how the SQL Server is configured.